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Annika Bjornson

Annika Bjornson, Editor in Chief

Editor-in-chief Annika Bjornson is excited for her fourth and final year writing for the Seattle Prep Panther. This unicorn-at-heart loves dancing, Frank's Red hot sauce, and writing (note: her favorite word is hippoptomonstrousesquipedaliophobia, meaning 'a fear of long words'). She lives in the Western hemisphere on the west side of North America on the west side of the US on the west side of Washington in West Seattle. Annika's favorite meal would include ribs, watermelon, fondue, and every breakfast food ever. She sincerely hopes you enjoy this year's journalism work and is happy to discuss any topics brought up in the publications! Fun fact: She fell and got a concussion by attempting to recreate the "bullet time" scene from The Matrix.

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Annika Bjornson