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Panthers Holiday Music Playlist
Panther's Holiday Music Playlist
Annie Roske, Managing Editor • November 30, 2021

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Trick or Treat?
Audrey Cromett and Ava Tinder October 27, 2021

Trick or Treat Halloween Graphic

Junior Hannah DeGroot reads Beloved during Collegio
Banning Beloved
Nick Pickel, Staff Writer • January 12, 2022

Juniors at Seattle Prep are knee-deep in Toni Morrison’s 1987 novel, “Beloved”, a book which tells the story of a formerly enslaved family in the south following the Civil War that finds itself bedeviled by a spirit...

Microsoft Teams Chat Removed by Administration
Beni Jurion and Hobbs Hegedus December 16, 2021
The two tech teams emphasized on helping students “manage your time,” “avoiding distractions,” and “teaching the idea of responsible use”  as the three key reasons of removing the features.
Faculty Reflect on Swivls used for Hybrid Learning
Abby Wilwerding, Staff Writer • December 16, 2021

“We didn’t have a big buyer’s remorse. Obviously, it’s a huge price commitment, but we wanted to provide a high-quality education, regardless of the circumstances.” These were the words of Mrs. Anne Kramer, Ed-tech...

Slideshow: Down the Hobbit Hole
Slideshow: Down the Hobbit Hole
Hobbs Hegedus, Staff Writer • November 16, 2020

Cartoons from the mind of Hobbs Hegedus '22

Christmas Movies: Hits and Misses
Delphine Mock, Staff Writer • December 13, 2021

Snuggling up to watch a holiday movie is the perfect way to get into the Christmas Spirit. Along with decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, and opening gifts, watching a Christmas movie with a...

Piano at Prep: Perfectly Played
Jeffrey Go, Managing Editor • November 2, 2021

A famous saying goes, “music speaks volumes,” but what does that really mean? Piano is one of, if not the most prominent instrument in the music space. Many students and teachers at Prep continue...

Opening Number
The Imaginary Invalid: The Secrets and Lies of an Imaginary Illness
Annabelle Deasy, Visuals Editor • October 26, 2021

The unhinged musical of the ’60s hits the Seattle Prep stage as the hilarious production of "The Imaginary Invalid" goes live on October 29, 2021. Hobbs Hegedus '22 portrays protagonist Argan-...

Artwork by Kate Allen
AP Studio Art: Jumping off the Page
Annabelle Deasy and Hobbs Hegedus May 11, 2021

One thing all Ap Studio Art students can agree on is that they have been pushed to new limits in the creation of their portfolios. As the seniors look towards graduation, a group of talented students move...

Global Problem and Global (in) Action
Sophia Magnano, Staff Writer • December 12, 2021
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Opinion: Wait for the White Christmas
Opinion: Wait for the White Christmas
Jeffrey Go, Managing Editor • November 30, 2021
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College Talk: Too Much Too Fast
Annie Roske, Managing Editor • October 20, 2021
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Get to Know the Panther Staff
Emi Nakata
Emi Nakata
Online Editor

Emi Nakata, a Senior at Seattle Prep, has been on The Panther staff for two years and is now an Online Editor. She has been a captain on the PULSE Dance Team for three consecutive years with her highlight...

Hobbs Hegedus
Hobbs Hegedus
Visuals Editor

Hobbs Hegedus is a senior, the Panther cartoonist and Co Visual Editor. Hobbs loves to serve the school on The Panther, as well as ASB, and as an actor. Outside of school he enjoys Legos, videogames, and...

Mia Schwartz
Staff Writer

Mia Schwartz is a sophomore, and this is her first year as a writer on the Panther Paw. She is super excited to work hard in journalism with her friends. She has one sister who graduated from Prep in 2020...

Abby Baldwin
Abby Baldwin
Staff Writer

Abby Baldwin is currently a junior at Seattle Prep and it is her first official year on the Panther staff. Outside of the newspaper, she enjoys playing tennis, eating spicy tortilla chips from trader joes,...

Seattle Prep COVID Precautions
Kate Ridgeway, Managing Editor • November 9, 2020

A How-To Video on staying safe and navigating campus correctly.

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