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Opinion: Let’s Examine Our Dress Code With Fresh Eyes

Claire Rulyak, Managing Editor November 18, 2022

There are so many opinions circling the Prep community about this dress code that I think it is hard to find a place to start a conversation about it. Yet still I hope that those in authority, as well...

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Gael Loor, Online Editor May 23, 2022

Being a senior has its benefits, for example, being able to go off campus for lunch. Juniors also can do this; however, my junior year was spent in front my computer on Zoom and Teams calls. Being on campus...

My Greatest Inspirations

My Greatest Inspirations

Annabelle Deasy, Visuals Editor May 23, 2022

When asked who we are thankful for our minds drift to our friends, family, loved ones, or even pets; My mind turns to my teachers.   Stepping onto the Seattle Prep campus four years ago I felt a sense...

My Lasting Legacy

My Lasting Legacy

Emi Nakata, Online Editor May 23, 2022

“What do you want your legacy to be after you leave Prep?” Mr. Chism asked me this question in January. At that moment it finally sank in that this is the year I am to graduate from Prep, leave...

Senior Advice

Senior Advice

Beni Jurion and Hobbs Hegedus May 23, 2022
After four years at Prep, and seven years of friendship, we have some sage advice to disperse to future generations. But of course, we both do not agree on everything, so here are seven questions we asked each other that we hope can help others on their journey here.  
Thank You for Everything, Prep

Thank You for Everything, Prep

Kate Ridgeway, Editor-in-Chief May 23, 2022

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. Over the past several months, I have frequently revisited this phrase. In all honestly, I don’t feel ready to leave Seattle Prep....

A Niche of Custom Keyboards

Jeffrey Go, Managing Editor March 30, 2022

As I was scrolling through my YouTube recommended page, one month into the pandemic, I stumbled across a type of video I’d never seen before. It was a typing test of a vibrant, color-filled keyboard,...

Global Problem and Global (in) Action

Sophia Magnano, Staff Writer December 12, 2021

World leaders have just spent the last several weeks in Glasgow, Scotland to try to find common ground in efforts to reverse climate change. Part of this annual climate change conference was signing the...

Opinion: Wait for the White Christmas

Opinion: Wait for the White Christmas

Jeffrey Go, Managing Editor November 30, 2021

The leaves begin to fall off branches, the days become shorter, the red and orange colors signal the season of Fall, but wait, is that Christmas music also in the air? With the holiday season approaching...

College Talk: Too Much Too Fast

Annie Roske, Managing Editor October 20, 2021

I turned 16 three months ago, I got my driver’s license two months ago, I have never driven on the freeway alone, and I am already expected to know where I want to go to college. I’m familiar...

A Letter to The Panther

Tessa Zink, Editor-in-Chief May 18, 2021

Thank you. Since freshman year I have been a staff writer for the Seattle Prep Panther, and it has been an amazing outlet for me to grow into the student, journalist, and person that I have become....

A Tale of Two Parts of the City

Tia Flores, Co-Online Editor May 17, 2021

Before coming to Seattle Prep, I had rarely set foot in North Seattle. Other than the CYO cross country meets in Lower Woodland and the occasional family trips to Seattle tourist locations, I was...

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