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The Reign of the SATs: Is it Finally Over? 

Georgia Limbaugh, Staff Writer May 29, 2024

In the labyrinth that is college admissions, students devote hours of stress and hard work to tackling the all-powerful SAT. However, as times change, colleges are moving toward looking at the character...

Beyond Books

Mia Schwartz, Social Media Editor May 21, 2024

Countless people are to thank for their hand in my success as a happy and well-rounded student at Seattle Prep. Still, none are as underappreciated yet more than deserving as the wonderful librarians I...

Tiny Sparks, Big Impacts

Delphine Mock, Visuals Editor May 21, 2024

These past four years have flown by, yet it feels as if my entire life has been encapsulated within them. My time at Prep is marked by the “milestones”. My first homecoming, Kairos, publishing my first...

Dear Underclassmen

Ava Tinder, Visuals Editor May 21, 2024

As I stand on the brink of graduation, I can’t help but feel a mix of emotions – excitement, nostalgia, and a tinge of apprehension about what lies beyond Prep’s campus. While my interactions...

The Gift of the Present

Claire Rulyak, Editor-In-Chief May 21, 2024

If I close my eyes, I can still see my young, sophomore self. Frazzled, she stands in front of the mirror in the boathouse locker room. I had raced my first real regatta the weekend before, I was getting...

Embrace It All

Luke Whalon, Online Editor May 21, 2024

Going all the way back to 2020, I struggle to believe that it was four years ago that I was experiencing a global pandemic to begin my high school experience. I am awestruck by the transformation I have...

Time is Real

Cole Hackman, Online Editor May 21, 2024

As I approach graduation, moments of my first year at Prep flash before my eyes. I remember walking onto campus at COVID-restricted 25% capacity for the first time with an eagerness to grow up and move...

Releasing expectations

Kelsey Hamilton, Editor-In-Chief May 21, 2024

My time in high school has been one full of ups and downs. Some days, I felt like I was on top of the world, while others, I felt like I had been run over by a semi-truck twice. Sometimes, I had to be...

Letter to the Editor: Bigger Than Basketball

Letter to the Editor: Bigger Than Basketball

Michael Kelly April 9, 2024

Dear Editor, This is a shout-out to Coach Brian Elsner ’97 for the years of awesomeness he has given to Seattle Prep and the students he has coached in both the boys’ and girls’ programs. Sports...

Voting in 2024: Turning Out and Voicing Out

Luke Whalon, Online Editor April 8, 2024

If you find yourself eligible to vote this year, do so. For many Seniors, turning 18 enables U.S. citizens to be eligible to vote in all state and local elections. Look at the many issues in our country...

Keeping Journalists and AI Accountable

Brooke Nowak, Staff Writer March 20, 2024

Note: The following article was written as part of the 2024 Washington Journalism Education Association State Contest. Students listened to and asked questions in a live keynote panel presentation on the...

A Call for Balance: Exploring School Phone Policies

Sophia Magnano, Managing Editor November 14, 2023

The imposition of strict phone usage restrictions in schools, though well-intentioned, presents several challenges that deserve consideration. Over the past few years, Seattle Prep’s phone policies have...

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