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Students Pursue Artistic Passions

Lilly Thompson, Online Editor May 24, 2019

According to Prep, arts are a ‘vital part of Jesuit education’, and students from all grade levels are offered experiences in a variety of mediums. For some seniors, it is the creativity and passion...

Grace Jordan 19 works in the Yearbook Room. Jordan is a star athlete and editor of the Seattle Prep Yearbook.

Grace Jordan’s Legacy

Olivia Manning , Freelance Writer May 23, 2019

Senior Grace Jordan ’19 certainly left her mark on the Seattle Prep community when she first came to Seattle Prep four years ago. As both an athlete and an essential member to the yearbook staff, Jordan...

Seniors Gear Up For College in the Fall

Quinn Losse and Abby Malzewski May 9, 2019

Caps. Gowns. College. The seniors of the Class of 2019 have begun to say their final goodbyes to their classmates and teachers of Seattle Prep as they gear up for the next chapter of their lives: college....

The Quest for the Best: Art Supplies in Seattle

Beni Jurion and Hobbs Hegedus, Staff Writers April 7, 2019
Art supplies help define an artist's abilities, and even the best new need quality materials to meet their needs. To help artists reach their max potential, here provided by this article are a list of stores specifically sell the top artisan tools, from paints to frames, in Seattle.
The cast of Newsies during a musical number. Newsies ran for two weekends in February and earned rave reviews.

Newsies Brings Turn of the Century New York to Life

Quinn Losse and Abby Malzewski March 7, 2019

First debuting on the Seattle Prep stage on February 22, this year’s musical, Newsies, was a hit amongst audience members. Throughout the show, the audience was transported back in time to the year of...

Tech team prepares for Newsies!

Paige Stanley and Natalie Nowak, Staff Writers March 7, 2019
“Things break all the time, but they always get fixed.” Agnes Davila ’21

Government Shutdown, The Wall, and a National Emergency

Tessa Zink, Staff Writer March 7, 2019

Beginning December 22, 2018, through January 25, 2019, the United States federal government was shut down making it the longest shutdown at 35 days. The government shutdown began because President Donald...

Christmas as a Jesuit

Tia Flores, Staff Writer December 6, 2018
"Christmas really is about Jesus becoming one like us, so that we as human beings are able to enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus because God through Christmas actually becomes more relatable.”
Dancers in the Nutcracker perform at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Several students at Seattle Prep participate as dancers in several different Nutcracker performances throughout the holiday season.

Students Display Talent in The Nutcracker Despite Busy Prep Schedule

Paige Stanley, Staff Writer December 5, 2018
The Nutcracker is a part of many students’ holiday traditions and spreads the Christmas spirit. Grace Cooney 21’ shares, “What people in Nutcracker create is a magical embodiment of the holidays, it is not only a joy to be a part of, but an honor. Being a part of such an amazing company with incredible faculty, staff, and dancers is surreal in itself.”

Money Brews for Seniors Working at Starbucks During Holiday Season

Quinn Losse, Staff Writer December 5, 2018

For some seniors, getting a job during their most stressful year of high school could be seen as overwhelming and too much to handle. However, for seniors Olivia Linke and Alex Baker, their work at Starbucks...

Addiction Behind Bars

Mimi Parent, Staff Writer November 8, 2018

Drug abuse is an epidemic throughout the United States; however, most drug users are felons. The United States Office of National Drug Control Policy found that an estimated 82% of prisoners tested positive...

Your Voice, Your Vote

Beni Jurion, Staff Writer November 8, 2018
“If people do not vote then it really puts in the question of the legitimacy of our government”
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