Educate and Take Initiative: GROWL Takes Seattle Prep by Storm


Annabelle Deasy, Visual Editor


With their 80 plus members and fight for restoration, the GROWL club is out on a mission for advocacy this school year. As a newer club to the Seattle Prep Community, the Global Restoration of Wildlife club strives to protect endangered species. Junior Isabel Moorhead started the club during her sophomore year at Prep to pursue her passions of helping endanger species.

Moorhead said, “I started this club last year because I wanted to take a stand to help protect wildlife and endangered species.  By creating this club, I could create a community that would fight together to help endangered species.”

GROWL meets on alternative Fridays with the Feminist Interest group once or twice a month. In meetings the club watches nature documentaries, plays games, and sometimes host guest speakers. The club also takes initiative outside the classroom with adventures out to Woodland Park Zoo, beaches for cleanup, and plans to do legislative work in the community. Senior leader Alice Vimal said she joined GROWL because,

“Ever since I was a little kid, I really enjoyed learning about animals and how they thrive in our world. I especially love marine animals and I hope to study Marine Biology in college. Being a leader of GROWL allows me to share my love for animals and educate others about them too.”

The club is focused on educating and acting. The club plans to inspire and take action to support the wildlife community. For education, GROWL focuses on the causes and impacts of endangered species. For action, the club plans to reduce and eliminate causes of endangerment of species and create wildlife advocates at Seattle Prep. Senior Megan Lee, co-leader of the club said,

“Ever since I was a kid, I loved learning more about animals, whether that was through museums or watching National Geographic. There are so many unknowns about wildlife, and it is important to educate others about it!”