Panthers Come Home to Homecoming Assembly


Girls Soccer Senior Dance

Annie Roske, Managing Editor

One of the many things Prep prides itself in, along with retreats, school spirit, and stellar academics, is its energy-filled assemblies. Nobody can deny that hearing “Tongue Tied” by Grouplove play as they walk into the gym to sit with their class is the highlight of the week. Well, Panthers, after over a year at home and an incredible Back to School assembly to kick us off, we have officially completed the 2021 Homecoming assembly.

For Juniors and Seniors, the nostalgia of the songs and games was enough to get us excited for the dance, Juniors especially after taking home a big win in a heating game of Name That Tune. As for the underclassmen, this was only the second Pulse dance they saw and the first of many Senior sport dances.

“It was so awesome seeing everyone involved and cheering and jumping around in the bleachers because that is what these pep assemblies are all about” said Matt Kennedy ’24, adding “At the Back-to-School assembly, there was some understandable tension and hesitancy with the student body, but there was none of that in the Homecoming assembly.” After only six weeks back together, students are already bonding as a class in the very empathetic and loud pre -pandemic way we always have.

Of course, Panther Pack had to make an appearance teaching the students the infamous chants we perform at Football games. Yet another first for the Freshmen and Sophomores; yelling “Let’s \get a little bit rowdy R-O-W-D-Y!” with their classmates as we prepared to take on Garfield at the homecoming game.

The main attraction of any assembly, however, was the Pulse performance. Nothing feels more like home than Hobbs Hegedus ’22 leading the entire student body in the “Pulse…Pulse…Pulse” chant. After a phenomenal introduction, Pulse performed an amazing dance that, without a doubt, topped the senior sports dances. “It can be pretty nerve racking before we perform but when the whole gym starts chanting Pulse it really takes all the stress away” said Pulse member Jules Conklin ’24.

None of the amazing assemblies and student body events can happen without ASB and their overwhelming passion for Prep. “No matter how chaotic the planning stage can be from an ASB perspective, the electric feeling in the Gym at an assembly like this makes it all more than worth-it” said Kennedy ’24. Thank you ASB and the rest of the student body for making this year another amazing homecoming assembly!