‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ for the Outdoors Club


The Outdoors Club hiking at Discovery Park

Paloma Hissong, Staff Writer

For avid hikers, homebodies, or anyone in between, Prep’s Outdoors Club provides several outdoor activities to participate in. The club meets about once a month, and their outings are on weekends. These outings give students and teachers a chance to explore the Pacific Northwest with their peers.

When asked what exactly the Outdoors Club does, Senior leader John O’Donnell said, “We mainly go on hikes that are in parks or have nice scenery. We have done rock climbing and also dog walks.” He added, “We try to keep the number of students to around 10-15 for each group. If there is a large interest in a certain activity, we will create multiple groups that start at slightly different times.”

Another Senior leader, Audra Hanlon, also mentioned their efforts in trying to schedule rock climbing sessions for the club. Although it is a bit more logistically challenging, rock climbing would be an exciting endeavor for members of the club – especially those that have not done it in years past.

Having this club at Prep allows students to do simple, fun activities that they might not otherwise do. Many do not get outside as much as they would like to or should on the weekends, but with the draw of being accompanied by peers from Prep, students become a lot more inclined to spend time outdoors; even if a student is not an official member, they are welcome to join on one of the hikes or walks to see what the club is all about.

Hanlon said, “I think a big part of our club which maybe goes unnoticed sometimes is just how it brings students together and gives them an opportunity to get to know each other.” She also said the “strong sense of community in the club” was a major part of what made her want to be a leader this year.

Prep offers many ways for students to build connections with one another, but the Outdoors Club provides especially unique opportunities that serve that purpose. This club is simply encouraging students to get outside, but with that has created an inviting and light-hearted community for students to be a part of.