World Traveler Weld Takes a Gap Year

Gabby Stuart, Staff Writer

With the college decision deadline approaching fast, many seniors will be attending a university next  school year. Although, this is not the case for senior Blake Weld. Weld has decided to take a gap year and then attend   College during the 2022-2023 school year. A gap year can mean many different things for different people, but Weld is focusing on traveling, working, and developing as a person.

For Weld, there were many reasons why a gap year seemed so appealing, the most important being influence from her parents. When deciding her path into college and her plan to take a gap year, Weld said, “the  break between high school and college is the perfect opportunity to take some time off from school and go on adventure independently.”

For many students, a  gap year opens doors for new adventures and self-discovery. Weld has been in Seattle for most of her life and says that she is ready for a switch up and a year of traveling. She is also ready to meet new friends along her path of independence. Weld also described how, “my parents have always been supportive of a gap year as a nice structure break.”

After attending rigorous schooling  since kindergarten to now, Weld is trying to do whatever she can to continue her love of learning and school, even if that involves a little break from it. The structure of schooling of extracurriculars and schoolwork. She is ready to branch away from a strict schedule and instead focus on her travels and the passions she acquires on the way.

With that said, Weld has already started planning her year.

Weld grew up attending a summer camp and decided to head back to her roots, working at the camp this summer. She looks forward to meeting other counselor friends as well as furthering her love of children and leadership skills. In continuance with her love of kids, Weld said, “the day after Christmas, I am going to New Zealand and Fiji for two months with a family that I am a nanny for.”

Afterwards, Weld plans to go  to Ireland for three months on a gap year program that incorporates many outdoor activities such as hiking and surfing as well as leadership and volunteer opportunities. This is the more academic aspect of Weld’s gap year, yet it still reflects the values she exhibits. Weld has always loved the outdoors and can’t wait to build on this passion during her time in Ireland.  To conclude her year, Weld is going to travel to Europe with her mom for fun. What a year!

After the Gap Year, Weld exclaimed that “one of the biggest things I am looking forward to is seeing the advantages of a gap year in my levels of persona!”

She cannot wait to see what the future holds after the gap year and beyond.