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8 Things You Need to Know from a School Shooting Survivor

Audrey Frigon , Managing Editor October 28, 2018

8 Things You Need to Know from a School Shooting Survivor Mo Kadenacy is a seventeen-year-old from Los Angeles, California. It was lunchtime and he was sitting in a classroom on the third floor of his...

Cost of Campus Safety

Walid Cruz-Vanegas, Staff Writer October 16, 2018
What is more important, a minor delay in arriving at the next class, or potentially saving student lives?

Prep Safety Compared to Carolina Schools

Beni Jurion, Staff Writer October 16, 2018
Does Seattle Prep do enough about safety from campus intruders? On weekends and after school hours, many of the students and staff and have noticed strangers who walk on campus. This potentially can be a grave security concern for Prep.
Do Prep Students feel safe at school?

Do Prep Students feel safe at school?

Tessa Zink, Staff Writer October 16, 2018

Safety concerns have become more relevant every day. Between school shootings and threats, it can be difficult for students to feel safe and comfortable when they come to school. However, school threats...

Campus Changes Seek to Improve Student Safety

Grace Weiand, Staff Writer September 25, 2018

Prep students have noticed new safety features all over campus. The Panther talked to Mr. Stearns to get the scoop about these changes. The motivation for these changes was based in a constant goal of...

Joseph Sheh ‘18, Jamie Brennan ‘18, Conor Brennan ‘18, and Joseph Sheh (Far Right) pose with fellow senior teammate Henry Gruen ‘18.

The Best Things Come in Pairs

Myles Nowak, Staff Writer May 22, 2018

Two sets of 2 twins at 1 college – what are the odds? Both the Brennan brothers and the Sheh brothers have decided to go to Occidental College in California and run for the Men’s Cross Country team. All...

Brennan Holmes sketching out a new project during Art Window. Holmes is inspired by surrealist work and combining
unrelated ideas.

Unrelated Styles Inform Holmes’s Artwork

Walid Cruz-Vanegas, Staff Writer May 21, 2018

Art is available to everyone. There isn’t one person on the planet that is incapable of either creating art or enjoying the art of other’s. This is because it holds no boundaries. Art is blind to demographics,...

Ethan Cantrell: King of the Mound

Kellen Carr, Staff Writer May 20, 2018

Ethan Cantrell doesn’t hold the title of ace on the Seattle Prep baseball team, but his numbers sure do suggest that he can command the game and the zone.  Over 23.1 innings Cantrell walked just one...

Skogland directs actors during a short film for Seattle Prep Film Club. Skogland
uses her passion for social justice to inform her film making.

Skogland Seeks Change Through Raising Awareness

Gabi Jeakle, Online Editor May 20, 2018

There is major discrepancy in the film industry. Generally men are more encouraged to go into film, which means they are more likely to go to film school, make high budget films, and win accolades. So...

Ganz poses with a globe as she sets sights for her future voyages during her gap year.

Ganz Chooses to Travel During Gap Year

Isabella Yuson, Staff Writer May 19, 2018

College: the next step after high school where Seniors go off, live their life, and face the real world. As this exciting moment approaches the Class of 2018, many people are wondering which college each...

Emma Conaty carries her boat from the boat house. Conaty, who only started rowing two years ago, will be heading to WSU to pursue her rowing career.

Conaty Takes Talents to Pullman

Allison Kearney, Staff Writer May 19, 2018

Prep is full of notable athletes, but Emma Conaty of the Seattle Prep Girls Rowing Team is one that will be especially missed next year. Her interest in the sport was originally sparked by reading The...

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