15 years with Mr. Hickey: Looking Back and Looking Forward


Kent Hickey feeding an alpaca

Kelsey Hamilton, Staff Writer

At the end of last semester, Kent Hickey, former president of Seattle Prep, turned in his resignation after 15 years. Although no longer working here, his tireless energy and dedication to Prep will forever leave a mark on the school. 

  During his time, Hickey accomplished a great amount that has furthered Prep as a Jesuit school, including making the school more financially stable and increasing the amount of financial aid given to each student. 

One of his biggest accomplishments was building a relationship with the Seattle Nativity School; a Jesuit middle school. 

Furthermore, another key accomplishment Hickey pulled off that improved Prep was managing to raise the funds to build AMH. English teacher Dr. Matt Barmore said, “If he had not been able to raise the money to build AMH, Prep would be a school of four hundred students. Almost half of the students and faculty would not be here if not for his commitment to raise the funds.” 

Hickey’s love for the school and students shone through in more ways than raising funds and strengthening relationships. Aside from being President of the school, Hickey was also very involved in the student life at Prep. In addition to teaching sophomore scripture and the Good & Evil senior seminar, he also coached girls’ soccer for a couple of years as an assistant. “He’s totally committed to the school, and he’s totally committed to the students,” said Barmore. “Students that knew him or had him in class saw his energy, his sense of humor, his passion, and his care for them.” 

Barmore smiled as he reflected on the time when he and Hickey taught a senior seminar and got into a debate about the context of a book. “He had a knack for reading a story and totally getting something out of the story that wasn’t really in the story,” Barmore said. 

Looking forward, Hickey just finished recording an audiobook version of the book he wrote called, “40 Days with God,” with the help of Prep theatre director Adam Othman. His book is now available on Audible. Hickey is currently looking to author a book about the origins of Jim Crow laws in 1865 and hopes to open an alpaca farm in the coming year!  

“I am thankful for all the wonderful colleagues with whom I have worked and, of course, I am so grateful for the blessing of Prep students over these 15 years – caring, joyful, funny, and good-hearted. I thank God every day for the gift you have been in my life,” said Hickey.