Prom Closes out Year in Style


Ava Tinder and Mia Schwartz, Staff Writer

The dresses, the tuxes, the magical night. Prom serves as the perfect, enchanting send-off for the class of 2022.  The preparation for the transition from adolescence to adulthood is one that Prep seniors have planned down to a T, determined to make a night that would last forever.

Prom being something depicted in movies as nothing less an extravagant ball has left Seattle Prep with some big shoes to fill, but seniors DJ Limp and Sophie Lovejoy aren’t worried. Both emphasized that prom is more to them than a picture-perfect experience, but that it truly serves as an opportunity for class unity. “You see it in all the movies,” said Lovejoy, “it is a fun coming of age experience with my grade.”

The class of 2022 has grown individually and as a whole during their shared time at Prep, making this final “hoorah” signify their collective rise from the moment they stepped on campus as a freshman to now. DJ, who hosted the pre-prom get together, said that “It’s me giving back to my classmates for the last 4 years. We might not all be close, but we all get to share this one thing.”

Along with the concept of class unity, prom comes with style, and these senior panthers are more than ready to strut their stuff. “If I’m going to remember anything about prom, I’m going to remember that I looked good,” said DJ Limp. The excitement of getting the perfect dress or tux for that signature prom look is something students across the nation look forward to. Sophie Lovejoy stated that, “I am kind of notorious for getting my dress literally the night of, but for prom I have my dress beforehand and I’m excited to have it all planned out.”

Overall, prom is much more than just another high school dance or tradition, it’s part of something bigger. The last 4 years for these students have been full of memories, friendships, and development; all leading up to this moment. Seattle Prep prom has most definitely served as a rite of passage for the class of 2022 that will be forever remembered as a movie-like, heartfelt happy ending.