Life on the Stage: A Dream Turned Reality


Sarah O’Connell in a Prep Drama Production.

Annabelle Deasy, Visuals Editor

From 7 years old at Broadway Bound as an evil stepsister in “Cinderella” to taking the spotlight on the Seattle Prep Stage as SpongeBob, Sarah O’Connell ’23 has taken her love for theater to the next level. Her ability to take on a variety of different roles and use her talent to bring joy to all who see her is what is so special about Sarah O’Connell.

O’Connell began her theater career at a young age when she saw her friend perform with Broadway Bound. Broadway Bound is a program in Seattle that consists of classes for music, acting and dance for beginners to advanced performers, along with putting on a variety of shows throughout the year. O’Connell said, “My mom signed me up for a ‘Frozen’ summer camp and after I participated in my first show I couldn’t stop.” 

O’Connell has taken her natural born talent into something amazing. She began taking vocal, acting and dance classes to master her skills and keep everything “tuned” she said. Sarah said her biggest inspiration in this industry is Betsey Wolf her vocal coach and previous Broadway actress. O’Connell commented on the way Wolf looks at the arts with an open mind and perspective. When asked her favorite thing about the theater O’Connell responded “There is something about being in the theater in front of a live audience that I couldn’t find anywhere else. The energy from the audience and feeling on the stage is so unique” 

After putting so much dedication and heart into her passion for the art, O’Connell hopes to further pursue her theater career outside of high school. She plans to apply to college for theater and dreams of attending New York University or University of Michigan. When asked her dream role in any show, O’Connell would love to play Anya from Anastasia due to the amazing vocals of the character. 

O’ Connell said “Something unique about me as an actress is when I snap into character on stage. I could be quiet or tired off stage but when I step on stage something enlightens me. The stage presence I bring is something I have had since I was little.” 

O’Connell recently portrayed the role of SpongeBob SquarePants in the Seattle Prep winter musical: a role unlike anything else. When asked about the role she responded, “it’s been a hard one since it is a cartoon character, but the optimism and willingness to find a solution is something I admire and has helped me in my real life.” 

O’Connell’s castmates and directors describe her as hardworking, passionate, and kindhearted. The spirit she brings to the theater on, and off stage is unlike any other. “The connection we have is so different and something about us working towards one product is so unique” O’Connell said. Sarah has an incredible voice and ability to draw a crowd in. Even playing the beloved Nickelodeon, character Sarah O’Connell was able to bring something special to the role that left the audience in awe.