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St. Kostka Offers Students Lessons in Commitment

Emma Cooney, Staff Writer

March 1, 2016

Who is Saint Stanislaus Kostka? When students were asked this question, a variety of answers presented themselves. “Is it a saint?” “I’ve heard of him,” and “I know a collegio is named after him,” were popular answers. Perhaps a little more specific was the response, “He’s the patron...

An Inside Look at College with Jack Bowers ’12

Kellen Kavanagh, Staff Writer

March 1, 2016

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing some Prep students who will be graduating college in a few months. College requires much more work than high school, so most students didn’t get back to me. One student, Jack Bowers ’12, had the time to answer a few questions about Prep and the transition...

Winter Fashion: Out with the New, In with the Old

Mikaela Frigillana '17 and Jeffrey Pelayo '17

February 19, 2016

Fashion fanatics should “be-wear” of all the not-so-new trends making an appearance this season. Stores are drawing inspiration from classic street styles and 90s fashion, giving individuals the opportunity to throw it back with their outfits and appreciate styles of the past. With the winter season...

Local Families Combine to Make Candy Cane Lane a Success

Tessa Winkelhake, Photo Editor

December 24, 2015

Cars slowly creep forward, families line the sidewalks, and Christmas music blasts in the background while 1920s era Tudor style houses light up with over the top Christmas decorations. Candy Cane Lane, a one-block stretch of houses including a round about, is located on N.E. Park Road, right off of...

Students, Faculty Recognize Importance of Small Acts of Kindness

Mimi Parent, Staff Writer

December 24, 2015

At Seattle Prep, students are taught the Jesuit teaching of love for others; however, distractions can sometimes get in the way of these teachings. Cura Personalis, or care for the person, is a key value of the Jesuits. Students exemplify this value through their service and their overall welcoming...

Paris Terrorist Attacks Hit Home for Students

Mimi Jurion, Staff Writer

December 19, 2015

Friday the 13th superstitiously marks the most unlucky day of the year. In this case, on this day in 2015, a tragic and awe-stricken series of terrorist attacks from the growing organization of ISIS targeted in Paris, France. Three different locations were targeted by suicide bombers that were brimming...

College Visits Preview Next Step for Students

Jessica Cary, Staff Writer

November 2, 2015

As high school comes to a close for seniors, college becomes more of a reality. Senior year is full of testing, applications, stress, and college visits, all in preparation to go off to college in a year. Seniors and some juniors go near and far to get a view of their dream schools. Senior Matteo Guillot...

Use Your Noodle: Eat From the New Ramen Bar

Use Your Noodle: Eat From the New Ramen Bar

Sarah Buchanan, Sports Editor

October 15, 2015

Arguably one of the best changes made at Seattle Prep for this year are the new features among the Smith Cafeteria. The Panther had the pleasure to interview many of the newly incoming staff members for the cafeteria and briefly discuss some of these modifications. Students have thoroughly appre...

Teacher Strike Marks Difficult Start to School Year

Emma Cooney, Staff Writer

October 15, 2015

Fifty-three thousand students and five thousand teachers had a delayed start to school this September when there was a strike by the members of the Seattle Education Association. It was the largest teacher strike in the United States since Chicago in 2012, and the first one in Seattle for thirty years....

Getting the Job Done

Sarah Buchanan, Sports Editor

October 15, 2015

Aristotle once stated, "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work". Many students at Seattle Prep would agree with this statement due to holding a job during the school year. Those who balance work and homework must learn how to manage their time and prioritize their activities. Most students,...

Junior Patrick Paulsen Discusses Our Nation’s Leaders

February 19, 2015

JESSICA CARY and SARAH BUCHANAN '16 [wpvideo fqoY4hBv] Presidents' Day is celebrated every third Monday of February. The day of national honor started in 1880. Originally Presidents' day was the 22nd of February in honor of George Washington's birthday but it eventually evolved into a day of honor towa...

Yawning is Contagious

Yawning is Contagious

February 13, 2015

TESSA WINKELHAKE '16 and ALEXIS LOSSE '16 People yawn when they are tired, bored, need more oxygen, or need to cool down their brain. Many people ask the question of whether yawning is contagious, but did you know there is scientific evidence that yawning is indeed contagious? Before one can understand why y...

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