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Lauren Day, Online Editor
October 15, 2019

In the exciting, dramatic, fast-paced existence that we call life, people have made it a habit to argue. Debate. Have charged conversations. We listen to respond, make sure to say “I hear you,” then continue on to contradict their opinion, or give them a piece of our minds. Rarely do we make an effort to place ourselves in another’s shoes, sympathize with them, empathize with them. No. It seems most important, now more than ever, for us to thrust their opinions in the spotlight, ensuring they...

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Sophie Jurion, Editor-in-Chief
October 9, 2019

“Tick tock,” goes your clock. You are spending another sleepless night before your makeup SAT at Franklin high school; your original date was cancelled due to construction at the school. You are a filled with anxiety as you try to remember the quadratic formula. Your alarm finally rings, and you roll out of bed. Then as you arrive to Franklin you discover a sheet of printer paper taped to the South Seattle’s locked front doors: “PLEASE CONTACT THE COLLEGE BOARD.” For the second time in...

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Kate Leahy, Editor in Chief
May 22, 2019

When most seniors reflect on their time at Prep they probably are reminded of Olympic Weeks, embarrassing stories, sports games or infamous class projects. However, I have chosen to remember my time at Prep in a slightly different manner: by saving every. Single. Paper. I have accumulated while at Prep. It all started second semester freshman year when I was clearing out my overstuffed inch and a half Xavier Collegio binder. Thinking I might need the handouts or assignments in that binder sometime...

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Addie Roza, Staff Writer
February 4, 2020

First it was the Carrie Diaries that vanished, then Pretty Little Liars, and now Friends! Netflix has slowly been removing some of its most popular tv shows. Avid Netflix watchers wonder: “How could they do this to us?”. Turns out, Netflix does not have a choice on keeping all their TV shows and movies indefinitely. This sadly means all binge watching eventually must come to an end. Netflix licenses Tv shows and Movies from content providers and studios, however those licenses only last for...

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Abby Allen and Natalie Nowak, Staff Writer
December 12, 2019

It became "an opportunity to learn more about a religion I know significantly less about.” Andrew Levinger '21

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Cece Brown, Staff Writer
December 10, 2019

But overall, Christmas trees account of 0.1% of someone’s carbon footprint. So, make sure to make a conscientious decision this holiday season.

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