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Should Our Opinions Matter?

Hobbs Hegedus, Staff Writer November 8, 2018
This way of informing teenagers about politics with social media, could be a path to engaging an impressionable younger generation.

How Would Prep Vote?

Milo Pepper, Staff Writer November 8, 2018

An essential element of the american experience is the ability to vote: to shape the future of one’s country and to express individual opinion. A fundamental idea to this system in America is that everyone’s...

Students Debate Importance of Electoral College

Maddie Deasy , Staff Writer November 8, 2018

The Electoral College. To most high school students this is a pretty insignificant term, but in actuality this group gets to make one of the biggest decisions in the nation. The Electoral College is made...

Alleged Voter Suppression Runs Rampant Leading up to Midterm Elections

Audrey Frigon , Managing Editor November 5, 2018

Since the founding of America groups of people have been barred from voting based on race, gender, wealth, and literacy among others. This pattern seemingly has not changed in America leading up to the...

Students Take Legal Action Against Climate Change

November 5, 2018
“It’s time for youth be given the microphone and for our voices to count on the issue of climate change.”

8 Things You Need to Know from a School Shooting Survivor

Audrey Frigon , Managing Editor October 28, 2018

8 Things You Need to Know from a School Shooting Survivor Mo Kadenacy is a seventeen-year-old from Los Angeles, California. It was lunchtime and he was sitting in a classroom on the third floor of his...

Cost of Campus Safety

Walid Cruz-Vanegas, Staff Writer October 16, 2018
What is more important, a minor delay in arriving at the next class, or potentially saving student lives?

Prep Safety Compared to Carolina Schools

Beni Jurion, Staff Writer October 16, 2018
Does Seattle Prep do enough about safety from campus intruders? On weekends and after school hours, many of the students and staff and have noticed strangers who walk on campus. This potentially can be a grave security concern for Prep.
Do Prep Students feel safe at school?

Do Prep Students feel safe at school?

Tessa Zink, Staff Writer October 16, 2018

Safety concerns have become more relevant every day. Between school shootings and threats, it can be difficult for students to feel safe and comfortable when they come to school. However, school threats...

Campus Changes Seek to Improve Student Safety

Grace Weiand, Staff Writer September 25, 2018

Prep students have noticed new safety features all over campus. The Panther talked to Mr. Stearns to get the scoop about these changes. The motivation for these changes was based in a constant goal of...

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