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Ms. Fields in the center, first row

What Teachers Are Really Doing Over Break

Annabelle Deasy December 15, 2020

Although students may have their own holiday traditions, do students ever think about what the Seattle Prep staff is doing on their holiday vacation? From chopping down Christmas trees to attending a fish...

Black Lives Matter Movement Fading Out of Mainstrean Media

Alison Choi, Staff Writer November 13, 2020

In June, there were hundreds of peaceful protests for the Black Lives Matter Movement around the world, but now, the protests have completely come to a halt. Social media has become less focused on the...

American Democracy: a Look Inside the Confirmation of the Newest Supreme Court Justice

Maya Shields, Staff Writer November 9, 2020

America: a democracy, a country governed by its people, but is the newest member of the United States Supreme Court a true reflection of the beliefs of American citizens? The sudden death of Supreme Court...

COVID-19 in the Oval Office

Gael Loor, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has swept the nation at an alarming rate. One possible early source of the first reported U.S. case came from Washington State, after a man came back from a visit to Wuhan, China....

Can Popular Culture Impact the Popular Vote?

Paige Stanley, Editor in Chief November 1, 2020

“I spoke to @vmagazine about why I’ll be voting for Joe Biden,” said Taylor Swift’s recent Instagram post picturing her holding up Biden, Harris 2020 cookies. The use of social media by celebrities...

How Underage Students are Influencing the 2020 Election

Annabelle Deasy, Staff Writer November 1, 2020

In the 2016 election, only 55.5% of eligible voters cast their vote, but this year Gen Z has begun pushing the community to use their civic power and increase that percentage. As the 2020 election quickly...

Spooky Nights at the Kounellas’ Household Bring Friends and Horror Together

Piper Wood, Staff Writer October 30, 2020

The Halloween season is upon Seattle Prep students.  Many have found ways to celebrate the spooky holiday in a COVID friendly way and are creating new traditions to rev up their Halloween spirit.  One...

Staying Aware in the Media Cycle

Cece Brown, Visuals Editor October 30, 2020
The cycle contains news outlets, newspapers, social media, and basically anything that people can see and take in. But more specifically, as viewers of the media cycle are taking in more and more information it is important to remain critical and to do research on what is being shared.

Notre Dame’s Reopening Teaches a Lesson

Hobbs Hegedus, Staff Writer October 19, 2020
What is the cause of all new Covid-19 cases in Notre Dame? Apparently it is the result of off campus partying.

Blue Light in the Digital World

Gael Loor, Staff Writer October 13, 2020

Blue light glasses, while being around for roughly the past two years, have recently gained more attention for the health benefits they provide. Kids and adults alike are spending hours in front of a screen...

Hardie’s Swimsuits for Justice

Olivia Manning, Staff Writer October 12, 2020
“Seeing their faces light up and being so grateful for what I was doing is what gave me motivation to keep working hard and making suits every day. Those moments were when I actually felt like I was making a difference.”

Seattle Prep Students Take Action for the Seattle Clemency Project

Kelly McGarry, Staff Writer October 12, 2020

Seattle Prep has always been active in the social justice world. Whether it is through their various clubs and organizations to the ‘Day of Service’, Prep students have many opportunities to engage...

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