Life, Liberty, and Justice for All


Seniors have large and small group discussions about issues including the school-to-prison pipeline, redlining, and the history of segregation in schools.

Hanna Roth, Staff Writer

A staple at Prep are the four seminar classes that all seniors take at the end of their student careers. Prep seniors’ participation in their classes will lead to growth and opportunities for many students to come after them. One of the four classes seniors can choose from is And Justice for All…, taught by Mr. Elsner and Mr. Liu.

This class is an evolution of a previous class in Senior Seminar that also focused on justice and equity. However, Liu and Ms. Broadbent really developed the curriculum centered around racial equity and racial justice last year.
This year, Elsner and Liu have continued to develop it together throughout the year. The class is meant for students to develop a greater awareness of the various social injustices in our society, specifically as it relates to race in the criminal justice system, in education, in housing, in health, and in the environment.

Mr. Liu works in his own personal upbringings and experiences to teach the class to his seniors. “Being raised in a multicultural household, I was exposed to a variety of cultural experiences and perspectives that have shaped my worldview. Coming from other Jesuit schools in another city (Los Angeles), I have been able to bring my own unique perspective and educational experiences into my new “Seattle classroom.”

As a new teacher Liu has been able to learn more about the Seattle Prep community to better adapt his teachings to his students. As the new teacher for And Justice For All…, Elsner believes, “that as a college educated, white male in our society it is paramount that I am an ally who uplifts the voices of those with less privilege and work to create systemic change in our community so that I am no longer someone with the most privilege. My hope is that our class allows me to help in a small way to make that happen by allowing for a space to create change or at the very least, to think about how young people want to create change.”

And Justice for All…, is a class to rising seniors that provides a unique opportunity to reflect on topics like identity, diversity, equity, and inclusion before facing many of these topics in the real world. The class also provides students a unique way to reflect on their “Prep experience” and the grad at grad principles throughout their four years. The core of who we are as a Jesuit school is the work of racial equity and racial justice. They don’t live separately from each other. And Justice for All…, has and will lead students to growth and opportunities for many Prep students to come after them.