Never Too Young to Make a Difference


Logan Pressnall’s care bags on a street corner in Seattle.

Logan Pressnall ‘25, a former sophomore at Seattle Prep is committed to being a person for others by managing and founding three non-profit organizations. Presnall founded his first non-profit, creating care bags for the homeless, ten years ago when he was in the 1st grade. Presnall’s second non-profit focuses on getting menstrual products into men’s and gender-neutral bathrooms for trans and nonbinary individuals. Presnall is developing an app that breaks down rare genetic conditions to give individuals an extra resource of comfort, help, and information.   

Presnall utilized items donated by the freshman during this winter’s Prep Giving Tree in his own giving tree. Presnall purchases items for his care bags such as hats, scarves, gloves, socks, blankets, protein bars, candy, bright waterproof ponchos, and menstrual products with his years’ worth of allowance. These care bags are then hung on trees throughout Seattle’s homeless parks, the primary location being Northgate. Each item is placed in an individual bag so that people can take what they need.   

Over the past ten years, Pressnall’s organization has tremendously grown and even earned an award. With the award money, Pressnall was able to purchase more items for the homeless. Looking forward, Pressnall said, “I hope to set up a summer giving tree with how hot Seattle summers are getting”.   

When asked what inspired Pressnall to start his three organizations, he said that “it is a way to give back; I have the privilege of having these items and I want to help others, especially in harsh Seattle winters”. Pressnall said, “My favorite memory was when I was driving past a homeless park about 5 blocks from where the giving tree was set up, and I saw a group of people with these bright colorful ponchos”. To many, having a rain jacket or waterproof gear is something that is taken for granted, but, as Pressnall commented, “such a little thing can make such a great impact”.   

Pressnall took part in a nine-month program for teens who want to change the world with the use of technology. This program allowed Presnall to make various reliable connections throughout the world such as being able to find an employee in Edmonton, Canada, to help expand his giving tree beyond the Seattle area. This network also helped Pressnall find a co-founder in Massachusetts to help found his non-profit focused on providing menstrual products in men and gender-neutral bathrooms. Pressnall and his co-founder already have a pilot school in New York.   

Pressnall’s commitment to helping others is an inspiration and proves that all of us can start having an impact in our communities even as teens. After all, Pressnall was just seven when he started.