You Will Be Fine, I Promise


Annie Roske, Editor-In-Chief

The past few months of my life, my mind has been cluttered with the transition I will inevitably make this fall into college. I worry about meeting new people, saying goodbye to my friends from high school, and leaving home. I also find myself stressed about the little things, like what I’ll wear or who I’ll hang out with. I’m getting déjà vu, except this time I actually have been here before: four years ago, preparing to enter my freshman year at Prep.

Like I wish someone would do for me now, I will offer up some advice for the underclassman. First and foremost, nobody cares. Nobody cares what you wear or what classes you take. The only person who notices all the little things you pick yourself apart over is you. If you choose to dress a certain way or play a sport or join a club, do it for you! Don’t waste your time acting to please other people because I promise you, everyone else is way too focused on themselves to judge you. Just do you and you’ll fit right in.

Second, be kind. I have found in my time at Prep that my friendships that lasted are the ones that occurred naturally out of pure companionship and love. Don’t chase a certain group of friends because you feel like you have to be friends with them. Don’t ignore other friends because you felt you were better than them. Nothing can take you further in life than a smile in the hallways or sitting with someone new at lunch. We are all in the same boat, and it’s always nice to have more people in your corner. If you don’t believe me, ask any adult and they will tell you kindness and compassion will win over judgement and competition any day.

Lastly, you are going to be fine. Prep is undeniably a very competitive school. Being an average student, I understand completely the stress that comes with comparing yourself to others. There have been times where it felt like everyone else was smarter than me, but I’m still going to college. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, you will only be in high school once. Remember that all you can do is your best, and your best does not have to be straight A’s. You will get into college, I promise. My brother once told me that the best memories he and his friends had were the stupid ones because they only happened once. I am in no way encouraging stupid behavior, but it is a nice reminder to take some of the pressure off yourself. You’re a teenager and part of your job is to make mistakes now so you don’t make them later, and make a point to never make the same mistake twice.

Prep is an incredible school, and it is a great environment to grow in. I consider myself immeasurably blessed to have gone here. It was an intimidating, stressful, and exhausting journey, but it was also exciting, hilarious, and beautiful.  My final piece of advice doesn’t come from me, but from the wonderfully wise words of Taylor Swift; “count to ten, take it in, this is life before you know who your gonna be…”