Beyond Grad at Grad


Sydney Leardi, Online Editor

At the end of April, I was asked to give the All-School Easter Mass Reflection. This occasion would mark the final leadership opportunity I take on at Prep.

As I went through the writing and revising process, it caused me to think back on when I first entered the Prep community. The energy I had, the excitement to participate in anything I could, and the unknown memories that I would soon establish.

Reflecting on it, I am amazed at all the events, activities, and roles I have taken on and how each one always benefited me in some way. Whether it was getting to better know a teacher who I later would have for class or getting to know a different group of people or being asked to take the lead in “higher level” roles, I never fall short of realizing just how much my motivation to throw myself off the deep end in high school has gotten me to where I am now. As a senior, I still eagerly signed my name up for as much as I could, but my choices were more tailored to my time commitments and what I enjoyed. I began to opt out of offers because I learned that the opportunity cost of them overtook my want to say yes to everything and everyone. Initially, I was indifferent to attending a high school that was Jesuit. Although I assumed that the environment would be generally uplifting, I did not think I would notice a difference. As more time went on, I found an appreciation for the root ideals that Jesuit teachings hold. When I looked at colleges, the factor of religion played a big role in my choices. I realized that the sense of community and service is strongly emulated within the Jesuit culture and by attending a Jesuit college, it is a small reminder of Prep in my heart. I carry immense gratitude for the connections and prospects that Prep has provided for me and as I conquer my next journey, I am proud to see its influence in my life.