Girls Basketball: Ready to Bounce!

Alex Gardner, Staff Writer

As winter sports are just beginning, the girls’ basketball team is looking to start their season off on the right foot. The players are determined to find success through building up their chemistry on and off the court. 

They have a mix of experienced upperclassmen and some young talented players this year, making for a group of new girls who are hungry to learn and excel.  

“The team we have at the start of the season will be a completely different one than we have at the end” says Coach Elsner, who expects lots of improvement this year. 

What really makes the team special is their work ethic and the tight knit community they create, exemplifying their main values of accountability, excellence, coachability, and hard work. 

Ava Kreuger ‘23 said, “communication is key to playing with intensity through adversity,” stressing the importance of teamwork and connecting on the court.  

Coach Elsner described they “identify from a place of love” because “love rises above all.”  

Not only do they all have a shared love for the game, but they share a love for their team and teammates. They follow the mission of Prep in that they are all of service to one another, but they also have their own motto: love wins. This is at the core of their main values and it’s what they strive to embody throughout the basketball season.  

Come show YOUR love and support for the girls’ basketball team in the stands this upcoming season Prep!