Panthers Picks: Choosing the Best Holiday Gifts

Cole Hackman and Luke Whalon

With the holiday season underway, many Christmas gift-givers struggle to find the best gift for their friends and family. On the other hand, you might need more on your Christmas list and guidance on what to ask for from family members. The following options are great picks for all people you need to find a gift for and are ordered from least to most expensive.  

If you are gifting something to an athlete, many options will surely please them. The JBL Flip 5 is a great wireless speaker and is perfect for getting ready in the locker room before a game. Beats Fit Pro is an excellent pick for wireless earbuds–perfect for workouts in any climate. Lastly, Apple Watches are great for tracking workout movements and athletic performances, but they do run on the pricier side.   

One of the most popular gifts for athletes is muscle guns. For recovery, the Theragun Mini muscle gun is excellent for quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability. Football and soccer player Michael Riley believes a Theragun is an essential pick for athletes. “The Theragun is very helpful after practice and games,” said Riley, ’24.   

Choosing a gift for a picky sibling can often be a challenge gift-givers face. One of the most basic but strategic gifts one can give to a sibling is an Amazon gift card due to its easy availability and ability to please any recipient. In addition, beanbag chairs are a fun piece of furniture that will complete any sibling’s room. Philips HUE Led lights are also a good upgrade for anyone without LED strip lights in their room, and they can be easily controlled via an iPhone app.  

Another fun gift that varies in price is LEGOS, which both younger and older siblings will appreciate. LEGO offers hundreds of different available sets, so you are sure to find something to please your sibling. Juniors Bradyn Buckholtz and Luke Poppe both emphasized their love for LEGOS sets. “LEGOS inspire creativity,” said Bradyn Buckholtz, ’24.   

“They fuel hours of fun,” added Luke Poppe, ’24.  

We all know that one person who will constantly be devouring food all day. So, we have a tailored list for foodies to ensure they are satisfied. Starting with gift cards, a Starbucks gift card is perfect for that caffeine addict and Frappuccino-lover. Other gift cards that are perfect for foodies include an UberEATS or Blue Apron gift card to please your friends and family. We recommend putting as much money on these gift cards as you are comfortable with, but always consider how the gift receiver will use them.   

An excellent pick for coffee drinkers is an Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, perfect for an individual wanting complete control over their beverage and seasonal mood. Junior Peter Frauenheim explained how great this gift is, saying, “They keep drinks warm, so you don’t have to go back to the microwave to warm up coffee.” He adds, “It makes slow drinkers much more happy, including my grandma who got one from my mom.”  

For adults, we recommend those essential items that may seem boring to the younger youth of our day. First, we recommend a nice toiletry set, great for those adults who are into traveling with their friends and family all year long. We also recommend some nice packing cubes, great for adults organizing their household or packing compacts on a trip elsewhere. Then, of course, we must remember food storage containers, perfect for the parents preparing their children’s lunches for school every weekday. Finally, we recommend any organizational paper needs, including calendars, notebooks, planners – organizational stuff. Organization gifts are great for keeping family activities organized and life in check.  

Remember that gifting to anyone, whether friends or family, can be challenging for everyone. We hope this list offers insight into options for gifts for everyone in your life. Good luck shopping this year, Panthers!