Seattle Prep Staff Uses Resources to Provide Meals for Community


Smith Cafe Staff member Jannie Curtin prepares sandwiches for local Catholic School students.

Maya Shields and Olivia Manning

With the constant fear of the unknown that has been cast over the world right now, it is important to find moments of happiness amongst all the uncertainty. The Seattle Prep Cafeteria staff has provided exactly that: light in this time of darkness. “After the announcement of six weeks school’s closure, I was wondering what to do with all our products that wouldn’t last” stated head Chef Kenyetta Carter of Seattle Prep’s Smith Café.

While the Café typically donates extra food products to the Bread of Life mission, the Café was aware of how many people were needing food and resources currently. Because of the school closures in Washington State, the Smith Café decided to use their kitchen, staff, and food to help the community.

Carter joined forces with Seattle Prep’s President Kent Hickey, and the director of Seattle Prep’s Magis Christian Service Program Rachel Ford who reached out to local parishes and Catholic Community Services of King Country to offer a bagged lunch program to current students. “We were able to use our kitchen team to make lunches and out bus drivers to deliver them to several places around King Country,” explained Carter.

YouthCare, St. Matthew’s, and Seattle Nativity School are among the locations that have benefitted from this action by the Seattle Prep Community. The Smith Café made it their goal to ensure that many of the lunches went to high risk students and families that who are being sheltered in emergency locations.

President Hickey shared that “on some days over 300 meals are being prepared and our fantastic kitchen staff are helping to make this happen.”

Amid this chaotic and stressful time, the Seattle Prep Cafeteria staff’s effort to give back and help those struggling has been inspirational. It is important to remember the people who are most vulnerable at times like this and the Smith Café has done just that.