Prep Fashionistas Share Trendy Advice


Grace Weiand

Jackie WIlliams '20 shows off her unique style. Williams and other Prep Fashionistas stay on trend this Fall with layers and the hottest color: silver.

Grace Weiand and Sophie Jurion

Looking through the hallways at Prep, there are certain clothing choices that trend across grade levels.

This fall, students are trading in their bomber jackets for the new trendy outerwear piece- fluffy coats. Faux fur, shearling, and Sherpa are the preferred materials for these cozy coats. Students are styling these with turtlenecks, simple t-shirts, or fun graphic tees. Fluffy coats are the perfect statement piece, or a great way to stay warm on a cold day.

For a cold, lazy day, Prepsters favor warm hoodies in all shades of the rainbow. Fun colors like pink, red, and green have been spotted on students all over campus.

Another popular item at Prep are friendship bracelets. Catch kids of all ages rocking customized bracelets that are an awesome way to add some color to an outfit. Glitter, neon, and pastel are common styles of bracelets that Prep students love. Words on friendship bracelets range from obscure inside jokes to a simple nickname.

For a more classic approach to jewelry, layered necklaces and rings have been spotted all over Prep. Jackie Williams ’20, a fashion enthusiast shares her insights, “silver is the power color this fall, whether in jewelry, shoes, or mesh shirts!” It’s an easy way to spice up an outfit on a lazy day at school, or can turn a casual outfit into something fancy.

Fashionista Lauren Benjamin ’19 said, “I really like denim on denim, I am not that up to trends I just kind of wear what I like. I have been liking super oversized sweaters. My favorite clothing items are heeled boots or a cool jacket.”

For those looking for new clothes inspiration, Prep fashionistas provide amazing advice! No matter what the occasion, temperature, or time of the year it is, Prep students always make sure they’re looking fashionable on the daily.