Fall TV off to a Spooky Start

Jeffrey Pelayo, Digital Editor

Television is giving spooky a new definition as upcoming tv shows are definitely going to give viewers the chills. Audiences have waited all year for another round of their favorite shows such as American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Grey’s Anatomy, and Empire; and with Halloween just around the corner, tv enthusiasts are sure in for a treat with the new Halloween specials knocking on their doors.
Emmy and Golden Globe winning franchise, American Horror Story, defines the perfect tv series to watch during the Halloween season. On October 7, many viewers will be checking in to watch American Horror Story: Hotel, which will take place in a haunting hotel located in Los Angeles. Previous seasons have featured ghosts, witches, and murderous clowns, and this year, the AHS fandom looks forward for the vampire themed season starring fame monster, Lady Gaga. With lead female character, Jessica Lange, taking an AHS hiatus, loyal viewers stay tuned to witness Gaga’s first lead role on a tv show. Gaga’s acting in her world renown music videos gave the show’s executive producer, Ryan Murphy, the brilliant idea to cast her in the show. He believes that her role as the blood-sucking hotel owner fit her personality perfectly. Ryan Murphy also has a few tricks and treats up his sleeves has he is surprising viewers with a sixth season of American Horror Story, featuring Jessica Lange, this spring.

American Horror Story fans can surely recognize the name Ryan Murphy as it appears in the credits of his killer new show Scream Queens. AHS fans will also see some familiar faces and places within the show as former AHS star, Emma Roberts, leads a haunted sorority house, which was also featured in American Horror Story: Coven. Another similarity that both shows have is that they have anthological plots, meaning that the storyline will be different each season. This season, a devil-masked murderer is on the loose and is out to kill the girls of the Kappa Kappa Tow Sorority. The Scream Queens cast is surely the dream team as teen stars Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, and Keke Palmer play the roles of students in this deadly school. Ryan Murphy does an excellent job by using these major celebrities to mesh scenes of gore and comedy. When asked what her thoughts were on all these new shows, Alex Campbell ’17 jokingly said, “Hello tv, goodbye grades!”
The sweet addition of these upcoming shows is surely the eye candy for viewers this Halloween season and they are practically to die for. Televiewers should beware of the spooky surprises that tv producers have to offer. So audiences should lock their doors, and turn off the lights because the Halloween spirit is just one click away.