ASB Elects New Leaders

Karl Kammereck

The new ASB officers are gearing up for the most exciting school year yet! Despite this year’s elections and campaigning being completely online, these thirteen young men and women are excited to serve the prep community in these new leadership positions.

Despite school cancelations due to Coronavirus Natalie Nowak is the Student Body President and Grear Boyd, Addie Roza, & Tensae Yohannes are Student Body Executives. After speaking with Nowak is it apparent that representing Seattle Prep is extremely important to her. Nowak said, “I have watched the presidents in the past and I see the work they put in which can be daunting, but I love ASB and know that all of us are proud to be Prep students. I love Prep and I want everyone else to love it too!”

Nowak also said that it is one of her biggest goals to redeem second semester next year. “I want to make every event very energetic and memorable next year. I hope we have a lot of school spirit because I think everyone has really realized how much they love and miss Prep.”

Working in collaboration with Nowak are three excellent new student body executives who are excited about leading on ASB for the next school year. When asked about the campaigning process Grear Boyd said “The hardest part was finding information for a quality speech, but once that problem was solved, I actually found that using social media as a campaign platform was really fun.”

Boyd also said that he is most excited about being in a role where there is more interaction between students and faculty. “I don’t think that this connection has ever been something which is lacking during my time at Prep, but I want to ensure that that continues to be the case” said Boyd.

Another very excited member of the new ASB is Addie Roza. When asked what ASB means to her she responded by saying, “it not only lets me connect with my grade by representing them, but it lets me connect with the whole school. I love being creative, planning events, and ASB lets me do both when it comes to homecoming week, assemblies and Olympic week!”

Roza said that she is also excited for the satisfaction of knowing that she directly helped to contribute to the fun of the school. “Whenever ASB accomplishes a successful assembly or project it makes me happy because I know we are creating an environment in which my fellow students want to be involved in.” said Roza.

It is one of Roza’s goals to have a pet day at Seattle Prep. She envisions some sort of activity where students and faculty could show their pets to each other.

In all, the new ASB is extremely excited and ready for the new year. Seattle Prep will be in good hands.