2020 Predictions

Gael Loor, Staff Writer

New Year, New You. 2020 is here and we got some predictions on what is going to happen. With Olympic Week on its way, students and faculty alike are getting competitive. Who will win Olympic Week this year? José Aviles-Baquero ’22 said, “Sophomores, because we are more diverse in our abilities.” On the other hand, Camden Wyatt ’22 stated that “Seniors will win because that’s how it goes.” Abby Nolan ’22 agreed that the class of 2020 would win because “it’s rigged that way.” Another event that’s coming up this year is the 2020 election. José doesn’t really follow politics but if he had to guess, Trump would win again. Camden backed this up saying “I don’t really follow politics, but I’d be lying if I said Trump didn’t have a really good chance”. Abby followed, saying that “Trump remains very popular with his supporters.” Speaking of Trump, after the bombing in Iran, the U.S. worried and made jokes about WW3. José said that “hopefully it won’t happen, but things aren’t looking too good right now”. Abby agreed, saying “Absolutely not, America is too strong. There will always be flair ups here and there but none of them are significant enough to be World Wars”. There are many events and activities that are going to happen this year. January just ended, leaving 11 more months to go; and the Prep Panthers are on the second semester, waiting for summer.