MISSING: Mr. Rosato’s Gnome

Cece Brown and Caroline Casey

It was a crisp mid-October day when Mr. Rosato walked into his classroom A603 and instantly felt that something was off. His well-known and cherished gnome was missing. The gnome has never been moved by Mr. Rosato, although it has been periodically moved around the classroom. It was a Christmas present from his mom a year ago. 

When asked why anyone would take it, Mr. Rosato responded,“I think that it is just really great and someone was really interested in it.”  

It is quite a big mystery in Mr. Rosato’s class, Mina Sakay ’21, who was in his freshman Algebra I class said: “He was a super supportive teacher and he does not deserve to have his gnome stolen.”  

Now the real question is, who is the culprit? Junior Mckenna Dorscht confesses innocence, although she has a few ideas on who it could be. She said, “One day it was there, one day it was gnome more!” 

HEIGHT: 7 cm tall  

Made with: resin  

Key features: a solar panel  

Possible suspects: Mckenna Dorscht ’21, Ava Ambuske ’21, Jack Matter ‘21

Main Suspect: Mckenna Dorscht

Reasoning: Mckenna seemed very fishy as she was way to quick to confirm her innocence and throw everyone else off the bus. Not convinced she is the angel in this devilish act.

Ava Ambuske: She may be quiet when you first meet her, but when questioned on where the gnome went, she was adamant that it was not her, she has never been more vocal than in this moment

Jack Matter: Jack is the kind of person that would be suspected to do an act this dirty. But “gnomeone” can confirm this accusation so he seems to fall at the bottom of the suspects list.