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By: Brian Bowers ’16

Being a homecoming DJ is hard work.  Our Brian Bowers ’16, sat down with Seattle Prep homecoming DJ Nate Graybeal AKA DJ Doogie

Brian Bowers: How did your career as a DJ start?

DJ Doogie:I started playing background music at events, while working for a special
events company, my good friend DJ Warren (Seattle) then taught me to mix
and I moved on to Club’s & private parties, schools, festivals etc.

BB:How long have you been a DJ?
DJD:I have been a DJ for around 12 years

BB: Approximately how many events do you DJ a year?
DJD: I usually DJ at least 150 events a year.

BB: What is the biggest event you have DJ’d for?
DJD: The biggest event I have DJ’d for would probably be The Burning Man 2011, an EDM festival in Cabo Although many others come to mind, The Burning Man based on sheer size because it had over 100,000 attendees!

BB:What is your most requested song?
DJD: Currently the most requested song is Gas Pedal by Sage the Gemini, but also many classic songs and the new Miley Cyrus is currently what everyone wants to hear

BB: What is your favorite genre of music?
DJD: My favorite genre is Old School Hip Hop, 80’s

BB: How much preparation is needed for each gig?
DJD: For School Events only a few hours of music prep, however for festivals it takes many days. For clubs you just need to keep your music library current so that is constant

BB: What is different about being a DJ for a high school dance than other events?
DJD: Definitely The music selection, a lot of music you cannot play because of content, even though radio is playing the songs, which I have to explain to students that most schools have very strict “acceptable content” policies

BB: What is your favorite kind of event to DJ for?
DJD: Clubs & Private parties, although schools are great because of the high energy crowds.

BB: Have you held any other positions in the music industry?
DJD: I am also a professional Emcee for special events

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