New ASC Finds Fresh Perspective on Prep


Alumni Service Corps members Payton James ’15, Kit Tobin ’15, Sven Shoultz ’15 and Alex Behrman ’15. All four ASC members are working in a variety of capacities at Prep this year.

Cyrus Berger, Staff Writer

“It was mainly a call to come back and serve a community that had given so much to me,” said Mr. Shoultz.

That call was one of the reasons he and three other members of the class of 2015 have chosen to come back to Prep this year as an Alumni Service Corps (ASC) member. Now in its third year, the ASC program is designed to give alumni an opportunity to give back to the Prep community. “The most specific duty is to serve the students,” said ASC director Mr. Meza, “but this can take a variety of forms.”

The new members have been helping in a variety of ways, bringing their specific talents and experience to the school community. Mr. Meza said he’s excited about their unique “energy and authenticity,” particularly in their ability to navigate pressures and talk thoughtfully about their goals and values.

The new ASC members are interested in getting to serve the community and experience Prep from a new perspective. For instance, Mr. Shoultz has been working with the video production program and the development office while also coaching football. He’s excited to get to know the students better and to work with and watch the Prep teachers.

Ms. James is helping Ms. Vickrey with general and AP biology, as well as working at the LRC and in the crew program. Like many of the ASC, she’s enjoyed being back in the community with a new perspective and a little bit of distance from high school stresses.

Ms. Tobin has been working as a trainer with the HEX department. She’s the first ASC member in that department, meaning the ASC has now worked in every department in the school. She said she appreciated being “without question supported by the entire community” as she and the other ASC have adjusted to a new role.

Mr. Behrman has been working in the math and science departments and will be coaching baseball in the Spring. He’s liked the amount of different opportunities he’s had on ASC. “I really like how variable the job is,” he said.

Above all, the ASC are glad to reconnect with the community and meet more students. “I love hearing about what [students] are passionate about,” said Ms. James, “That’s really exciting for me.”