Four Years at Prep in Paper

Kate Leahy, Editor in Chief

When most seniors reflect on their time at Prep they probably are reminded of Olympic Weeks, embarrassing stories, sports games or infamous class projects. However, I have chosen to remember my time at Prep in a slightly different manner: by saving every. Single. Paper. I have accumulated while at Prep.

It all started second semester freshman year when I was clearing out my overstuffed inch and a half Xavier Collegio binder. Thinking I might need the handouts or assignments in that binder sometime soon, I decided stuff my papers in a plastic bin for safe keeping. By the end of the year I thought, “why don’t I just collect all my high school papers?” So ever since then, I have been doing just that. From freshman year to senior year, I have saved almost all of the homework, handouts, essays and projects I have done at Prep.

Looking back at my large plastic storage bin, I’ve found that a majority of my papers have come from consistently assigned math homework, numerous Collegio projects and rubrics, an entire notebook full of AP Gov notes, and guided notes for Honors Chem. While the use of iPads (rest in peace) and Surfaces with OneNote has helped decrease the use of paper handouts and assignments, I’ve found I have produced an overwhelming amount of work on paper.

The endless stacks of papers I’ve saved provide me with a more realistic and tangible representation of my Prep experience. The never-ending assignments, tens of essays, sleepless nights and both my best, and worst, work. This clear bin shows me that somehow, I made it. I turned in my Econ project after staying up till 3:30am, I passed Honors Chem after struggling to understand the 9473 topics on the review guide, and I surprisingly did not to fail my classes as a second semester senior. I managed to complete the endless demands I was asked to fulfill and though it was often a rough journey at times, it’s been a good run.

While I will probably recycle all these papers as soon as I’ve written this article and taken a nice picture, it’s been fun looking back at what seems like a waste of time, energy, and brainpower. So, to anyone not graduating on May 24th, know that if it seems like your drowning in assignments, projects and papers, you probably are, but that you can get through it and it will all be worth it.