Seniors Gear Up For College in the Fall

Quinn Losse and Abby Malzewski

Caps. Gowns. College. The seniors of the Class of 2019 have begun to say their final goodbyes to their classmates and teachers of Seattle Prep as they gear up for the next chapter of their lives: college. Their time in high school has come to close, and now they must prepare to leave the nest and become independent young adults.

Elisa Simon ’19, is headed off to the University of Michigan in the fall and looks forward to the many opportunities to get involved in the campus life and college. With so many clubs at her large university, like Latino Club and the endless intramurals sports, she finds herself having a hard time narrowing down the options that she plans to take part in: “I’ll probably join a bunch of random clubs at the beginning of the year and narrow down to some that I really like,” explained Simon.

Simon also looks forward to showing off some school spirit, a vital aspect for all UMich students, faculty, and alumni. Simon is ecstatic to be a part of a community that not only are able to radiate their school spirit during their four years, but for a lifetime. Simon stated, “I think it’s amazing to be able to join a school where people are so proud of where they studied and always want to be connected to it.”

Senior Aisha Watt, incoming San Diego State University freshman, is counting down the days until she will be joining the school’s track and field team. Watt, who has been on Prep’s track and field team all four years, awaits in excitement to see what her sport looks like at the collegiate level. As Watt thinks about the other students who will be joining her, she states that she cannot wait to “meet the girls on the team and form friendships with them.”

Watt cannot help but also think about the sunny weather and the “amazing Mexican food” that her new home in San Diego will offer her.

Mia Griff ’19, will also be joining Watt in the sunny state California for college. Griff will be attending the University of California, Santa Barbara as a dance major where she is “excited to meet new people and have new experiences outside of Seattle.” Griff has been dancing her whole life in Seattle and is excited to be apart of a new dance community at UCSB.

Outside of dance, Griff is also planning on joining “the outdoor excursions club, so I can have opportunities to take advantage of the warm weather.” One of UCSB’s unique features is its location on the beach, so many students go surfing in the mornings or play beach volleyball at night. Griff shares, “it is a lifestyle I have not experienced before, and one I am very excited for!”

The class of 2019 will be spreading out all over the country to very different schools for college. Even so, the class will always have the support of the Prep community back home in Seattle. Whether attending a big university or small college, or whether heading out to the east coast or staying close to home at UW, the class of 2019 is in for some big adventures the next four years.