Youtube Bans Dangerous Content

Beni Jurion, Staff Writer

Thinking about doing the latest viral challenges? Trying to find out the best places to do it? Or maybe just looking to have a good time watching people fail in those challenges. Recent updates on Youtube has a new policy banning content featuring children “participating in dangerous challenges that pose an imminent risk of injury or bodily harm.” This new policy has been rolled out after a 17-year-old teenager from Utah crashing his car while participating in the recent “Bird Box challenge.” The “Bird Box challenge” is when people engage in a wide variety of activities while being blindfolded. This is not the first time the internet challenges have gone viral over dangerous challenges, for example the “Tide Pod challenge,” which went viral in early 2018, is where people ate Tide Pods because of how “delicious” it looks. Marcus Tomici 22’ believes that this is a good move for Youtube because it helps “helps save potential lives and dissuades others who may attempt this deadly challenge.” Drew Polzin 22’ believes that this is a bad move because “Youtube is a place where ideas are shared and having Youtube delete their content is a clear violation of the content creators Freedom of Expression.