Favorite Fall Festivities

Natalie Nowak, Staff Writer

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`Just a few weeks ago, students were swimming at the lake, driving with the car windows down, and wearing shorts and tank tops; recently students are back in school, participating in fall sports, and enjoying all their favorite fall activities. Señor Café shares that “The change of the seasons doesn’t mean the end; it signifies the beginning of a new one.”

While the sun is fading, and rain is coming into full effect, Prep teacher Señor Café doesn’t let the weather stop him from running around, literally. Just a couple weekends ago Café participated in an Oregon marathon, and he describes how, “It poured rain almost the whole race, but I loved it.”

Now that summer swimming, tennis, and fishing are over that means fall sports can officially begin. Fall sports are many students favorite part of the fall season because they provide a social and yet, competitive atmosphere to the beginning of school. Sophomore Luke Wilson views fall sports as a time to better himself and bond with teammates. Luke shares how he enjoys the competitive vibe and feels that these fall sports, “Set us up for the rest of the year by making us compete on the field, and in the classroom.”

However, fall isn’t just about the start of school and sports; it also marks a new season of traditions outside of school. When many students think of fall, they will think of traditional activities like “going to the pumpkin patch and baking cookies,” says Senior Lily Teders.

In Seattle, a fall activity that is often anticipated all year is the Washington State Fair. The fair is a fall favorite because of the rides, games, and of course the delicious food. Freshman Lauren Brant shares, “I love going to the fair, it’s an annual thing which makes it more special and I look forward to it every fall.”

Bella Metcalf, a senior, says her favorite fall activity is homecoming week. Fall, for students, is often a season that can mark a fresh start because it is the beginning of school. To embrace their school spirit, students take homecoming theme days very seriously and go all out to show their panther pride. Metcalf adds, “The community of students representing Prep by going all out for theme days is one of the reasons I look forward to homecoming, and it’s one of my favorite weeks in fall.”

Although it can be sad to say goodbye to summer sun and relaxation, the fall festivities, like fall sports, seasonal traditions, the fair, and homecoming can make fall one of the most exciting and eventful times of the year.

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