Film’s Eternal Evolution to Stay Modern and Relatable

Hobbs Hegedus, Staff Writer

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Film’s Eternal Evolution to Stay Modern and Relatable

Tragedy, death, conflict and drama! These are some things seen in most modern-day action movies. But his was not always true. Throughout the years film has changed, for better or for worse, ever since the original films made by Thomas Edison. New genres have been born, old genres have been forgotten. Over the span of 210 years, ever since the first movie was made in 1888 out of a series of pictures of a horse galloping, many great producers have attempted to make something new and original to change movie making and engage audiences.

This spirit of innovation is seen nowadays in what is considered by some to be the newest genre; the concept that an entire plot can be told through a computer screen. This new style can be seen in “Unfriended”, in which the whole movie takes places in a Skype chat between friends, “Friend Request,” plot was shown mainly through Facebook was the second movie to follow this style but is a poor adaption of this genre, seen with Rotten Tomatoes 17%. More movies that are in this new genre also include “Unfriended: Dark web”, through the use of computer Apps, and the sequel that follows different characters in the same universe, “Searching” follows as a concerned father investigates moments throughout the web to solve his daughter’s disappearance. All these except for “Friend Request”, were produced by Timur Bekmambetov, who was the first to say his creations were a new genre. This new change in style shows how new film genres are not only being made, but that they evolve in order to stick with the times and be popular. With the ever-growing dependence on electronics, this genre is a perfect example for trying to fit in and be original and popular in modern day society. This new genre is a reflection on how today’s modern society is based around screens, and how some tragedy’s can even take place online, such as cyberbullying, but these movies take the dangers of the internet to the next level. While future films of this genre might not use the internet as a horror device, such as “Searching”, which is more useful than it is used to harm the main character, it is interesting to see this new side of technology we all know and love.

But this is not the only new genre to try and captivate new audiences, this can also be seen with the creation of the disaster film genre, where the whole conflict, and plot revolves around some kind of disaster.

This film genre was created based off four popular disaster films made in the 70’s. These films were Airport, made in 1970, and portrays a suicide bomber attempting to blow up a Boeing 707, The Poseidon Adventure, made in 1972, follows the characters as they try and escape the SS Poseidon which capsized from a tsunami. The other two founding movies were, Earthquake, made in 1974, conveys the story of survivors in now destroyed Los Angeles, and last but not least Towering Inferno, made in 1974, it is similar to 2018’s Skyscraper, and follows the story of the world’s largest tower’s opening, and a horrible fire that begins inside. All of these films had a part in starting the disaster genre and shows how new genres will be created to maintain public appeal. This genre is still having new movies produced, as seen with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s latest hits, Skyscraper and San Andreas. With new genres appearing every forty years or so, only time will tell the newest genre to come, and how it will affect the filming industry, as a whole.

These changes are visible to many people, even those around you at Prep! As seen with an interview with Freshmen Beni Jurion who when asked about if he has seen any new genres arrive in his lifetime responded “No I have not, but I have noticed that slasher style horror movie, such as movies with Mike Meyers, like hockey mask and chainsaws, have phased out and are replaced by more intelligent horror films like “Quiet Place” and “IT”.” This brief response is a prime example how films are changing and are becoming new and original, but like all movies, are stuck in the endless cycle of trying to keep up with the present cliques and trends.

All these genre advancements, in style and structure, are only the tip of the iceberg in film’s long evolution that will continue as long as movies are made. Which makes it all better to see these movies, and their changes that come with them. So, go out there and grab a bucket of popcorn, because you can see movies evolve right before your eyes.


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