Regular Ramen or Brand-New Burrito Bowls?

Caroline Casey, Staff Writer

By far the biggest change at Seattle Prep for the 2018-19 school year must be the switch from Ramen to Burrito Bowls. Out with the old, and in with the new, Ramen was so last year.

Burrito Bowls are the new feature from the Smith Cafeteria where students can build their own Burrito Bowl from the variety of toppings available, very similar to Chipotle. Sophomore Alex Battle said, “It is a healthy option that is really good” and, “It tastes like it is gourmet.”

From most of the students at Seattle Prep, the Burrito Bowls are definitely better than the Ramen was. Kenyetta Carter, Executive Chef of the Smith Cafeteria, said that the Burrito Bowls have been successful thus far and that the number of people using this option as opposed to the ramen has increased. Carter said, “I counted the first week at 65 a day in Burrito Bowls, and Ramen was 20-25 per day.”

According to Carter, the Cafe switched from the Ramen to Burrito Bowls because, “I looked at the sales from the Ramen bar for the year and decided we could do better, also at the end of the year survey I sent out, a few people asked for more “Taco” days and I thought that I could fulfill that need.”

For students that are always running low on lunch money, the Burrito Bowls are also a good option because the expense is lower than the Ramen. This is because the ingredients of the Burrito Bowls such as beans, cheese, and rice are less expensive than the specialized ingredients of Ramen such as kim chee, boy choy, and shoulder bacon.

As for more of the students that have had the Burrito Bowls, Gustavo Romero’21 said, “I really like the Burrito Bowl because you can pick how much you want and of what.”

Another Burrito Bowl lover, 10th grader Cate Mcnett, describes how there is a good selection of toppings and that she will be going to get Burrito Bowls a lot more in the future 2018-19 school year. She also says, “If one thing could be added, it should be guacamole.”

The last few pieces of advice Carter added,” Don’t forget we also have a smaller bowl available and that with either the Salad, Pasta, or Burrito Bar you can take a free side found on the entrée side of the line…” “If you like taco days and want something a little less messy or want to try something different, you should get a Burrito Bowl.”

The Burrito Bowls are not here to mess around, goodbye Ramen, Hello Burrito Bowls.