Remembering President Obama: Reflecting Back on His Two Terms in Office

Chloe Saharic, Staff Writer

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Over the last eight years President Barack Obama has made a major impact on America during his presidency. Nearing the end of his term, some Seattle Prep students reflect on his time in office. Helen Sauvage, from the class of 2019, says that her favorite thing President Obama has done in past years is “making gay rights because he cares about the people and wants to give them all the rights they deserve.”
Aileen Sarmiento-Velasco from the class of 2020 says her favorite thing about President Obama is how he does simple things for the community such as “when he reads books to the small children on easter because it shows that he cares about the people and you will not see Donald Trump doing that anytime soon.”
Another decision President Obama made is the decision to create “affordable Obamacare because it shows he cares about the people that can’t afford,” says Sophomore Jacob Le
However, Le disagrees with Sauvage’s opinion that President Obama did not make any bad decisions during his presidency because he thinks he should of closed down “Guantanamo because it does not have a good image on our country.”
Sarmiento-Velasco agrees with Le’s views on Guantanamo, but also does not like how President Obama “bombed the cities in Iraq.” Instead, she believes he should have “gone to the cities and evacuated some of the innocent people who did not deserve to die in the attack.”
Despite some difference of opinion, Sauvage, Sarmiento-Velasco, and Le all agree that 100 years from now President Obama is going to be most remembered for being the first black president. Sarmiento-Velasco believes this to be true because “it is a historical moment where a strong person of color was able to be a very important leader of our country.”
As the election for president is approaching fast, many people will miss President Obama’s great leadership during his two terms in office. Over the next four years, the United States will get a new perspective from a different president but will always remember the good impact President Barack Obama has left on the nation.

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