AP Art and Design: Expression Through Art


A photograph by AP Studio Art student Mason Ocampo.

Keira Munko, Staff Writer

Of the many AP classes offered here at Prep, AP Art and Design is the best option for students who want a chance to express their creativity. In the class, students grow in their artistic abilities and expand their creativity and ideas.

AP Art and Design is centered around the creation of a portfolio. To create their portfolios, students use a method called sustained investigation. They choose a medium and a subject and create 15 pieces of art centere

d around their subject. This process requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it’s also a fun and creative process.

“It entails a lot of experimentation with ideas and materials. They try out different topics, different subjects, different techniques” said AP Art and Design teacher, Mrs. Dold.

Although finding a theme for a portfolio can be difficult, students receive a lot of guidance from teachers throughout the process. Senior Carolyn Shrock took the class this year, and the theme for her portfolio is the seven deadly sins. However, she didn’t start out knowing this right away. “A lot of people like went in absolutely knowing what they wanted, but I wasn’t sure, so Mrs. Dold helped me a lot to figure out what I wanted” said Shrock.

Everyone has a unique theme, so during class everyone is working on something different. Even though students are working on different things, they still go to each other for advice or inspiration. This aspe

ct of AP art and Design is one of Shrock’s favorite things about the class. “I love the community it becomes,” said Shrock, “People really are working to lift each other up.

With the advice they receive from others, as well as their own creativity, students hone their work and their ideas to create art that they’re proud of. “As a teacher it’s really fun to see that sort of growth in their work, in their ideas, and have it all kind of come together at the end” said Dold.