FIG Works to Restore the Meaning of Feminism


FIG leaders Abby Baldwin and Amelia Amrofell share a powerpoint highlighting what FIG is about in a club meeting.

Brooke Nowak, Staff Writer

Feminism; the advocacy for the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. The meaning behind Feminism is to spread positive ideals and boost others up. While many agree with the idea and work towards equal rights, there have been negative connotations that lead people to avoid the term feminism. As Feminism has gained popularity, so have the misconceptions and “men-hating” connotations. It is essential to note that the root motive behind Feminism is to empower women and achieve equal status, pay, and rights.

The Prep community is working to restore the focus and intent through the Feminist Interest Group, otherwise known as FIG. Since 2015, FIG has “committed to advocating for social, political, and economic equality of all genders” (Seattle Prep, Student Life). They set and work to achieve the common goal of equality between genders through listening to guest speakers, discussing topics as a group, and taking action to make changes within and beyond the Prep community.

FIG works to spread awareness of injustices between genders and help others accept the concept of Feminism. When the club was first created, the members experi3enced pushback and faced opposing opinions from the student body. With time and effort, Feminism has become a regular part of social justice and is accepted and welcomed by the Prep community. Freshmen FIG members Fine Vossler, Josephine Wolfram, and Charlotte Larson explained, “We joined FIG to support the strong unified feminine culture and community. We are not trying to promote women above men, but equality.”

Members of FIG want people to view feminism as a welcoming and important form of social justice that anyone can be a part of. Feminists do not just have to be women but anyone who believes in gender equality.

The faculty moderator, Mrs. Borgen, emphasized that everyone is welcome, saying, “Truly anybody can be a feminist. People are often afraid to apply that label to their thinking… but if you believe that everyone deserves the same rights and opportunities, then congratulations, you’re a feminist.”

Regardless of gender, FIG is excited to welcome new members and work towards fighting injustices while restoring what it means to be a feminist.