Panther Baseball’s Most Important Game of the Year


Audrey Cromett, Staff Writer

Seattle Prep’s boys’ baseball team is nearing their “most important game of the year” as described by Coach Engel. On April 22nd at Interlake High School, the Panthers will play with clients of Bridge of Promise, a non-profit that works with disadvantaged adults after they have graduated high school and are off state-sponsored programs.

For the 5th time , the boys will participate in Let’s Play Ball where each player is matched up with one of the clients from Bridge of Promise and assists them in whatever physical capacity they need. “We have had players push wheelchairs, hold the bat, or do anything the client needs in order to enjoy themselves” stated Engel.

In 2017, Engel decided that he wanted to, “make baseball more than just games that we play” and Let’s Play Ball was created. Engel and his family had been involved with the non-profit for a while and this event would increase awareness of Bridge of Promise and all the work that they do. It became an opportunity to “share our love of baseball and make it accessible,” said Engel.

Service plays a large role in the Prep community as well as on the baseball diamond, and this game provides a way for the Panthers to give back to their community in a unique way.  Engel recognized this by stating that one of his many goals of the charity game was to “continue to be mindful that there are people who don’t have access to what we do.”

The charity game is an experience that many students don’t get to have that often. Junior Adrian Shields described it as, “a super fun and eye-opening experience that allowed us to connect with the individuals that came out to play. It was smiles all around and everybody really enjoyed sharing our time together.”

All Prep students are encouraged to come out and support the Bridge of Promise clients as they play in their special game. Being able to help and serve others is engrained in Panther students. If they can’t make it out to the game, they can support in a different way; through donating to the non-profit.  Engel described his love of this game by stating, “ This event shows our baseball team and the Prep community at its best, and I couldn’t be prouder of our guys when they are working with the Bridge’s clients.”