Up and Coming Committee: Faculty Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Maria McDowall, Staff Writer

Even though the Faculty Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee has been around for six years, it is not well known amongst the student body. This is because it hasn’t become a formal committee up until this school year.  

This committee was founded by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director Deino Scott, who has assembled a group of twelve other faculty and staff members to be a part of this committee. As a group, they work together to address concerns around areas like equity, inclusion, race, religion, gender identity, social economics, special needs, and mental health. They work hard to make sure that these matters are represented and advocated for in each area of the school.  

 “This is a group that represents the interest of different areas of the school. Our focus is on collaboration. Six years ago, I didn’t know what was going on between different departments and how they were communicating, which is part of the reason why I started doing this,” Scott explained.  

This committee’s mission has always focused on how to best serve the students at Prep.  Following the Jesuit principle of pursuing equity and inclusion, they work together to figure out what changes need to be made in different areas of the school. Whether these changes are on a bigger or smaller scale, a student’s overall well-being is always kept in mind.  

FDEIC meets about once a month where they get together and talk about whatever issues are currently present in the school. People from different departments bring forth their concerns about the student body. This committee’s involvement is as crucial as ever with all of the changes happening at Prep. With a new president, new Board of Trustees members, and new staff, they are constantly looking for ways to improve and grow.  

Scott said, “If we can make at least one student feel more comfortable and happier here, I know we are doing something right. As an alumnus, I want make Prep a better place than when I went to school here.” 

Some things that the committee has already worked towards are changing certain aspects of curriculum in different departments, collaborating with counselors, and implementing different kinds of faculty training. All these adjustments have the goal of ensuring that the mental health and welfare of students are recognized. Last year, the FDEIC spearheaded the 21-day racial equity challenge and were the reason behind its success.

Scott said, “I am inspired to learn more and seek out helpers. It is a really good feeling when we can make just one student smile as a result of the work we’ve done.”