Developing and Protecting Our Health: Wellness Advice from Coach Maul

Luke Whalon, Staff Writer

Aaron Maul, head coach of Seattle Prep’s football team and health and exercise science teacher, sat down to give some thoughtful and meaningful words of advice to students at Prep on how they can improve their overall health and wellness.

“A lack of hydration, nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness work, and too much screen time are all challenges we face that are impacting our overall health and wellness,” Maul said. He went on to explain how taking small steps to improve ourselves is vital to overcoming these challenges: “It’s the start that stops us!”

With our eating habits, Maul recommended that “simply removing junk from your diet and replacing it with a favorite fruit or vegetable is a start.”

He then added that “going for a walk with your mom or dad, or walking your dog is fantastic for getting your steps, connecting with loved ones, and clearing your mind.”

With sleep being something that impacts all aspects of health, Maul suggested “setting a bedtime alarm and committing to a sleep schedule.”

Finally, he touched on the impact of our devices and how “we are loosing our ability to focus because of how our devices are training us to process.” He emphasized that “we must recognize device addiction, daily screen time, and how it is impacting our brain chemistry.”

Maul concluded by praising the fantastic academics at Prep while also pointing to the effects of such vigorous academics on our health: “Our health is the most precious gift we possess, and we must be intentional about developing and protecting it.”