3 Apps to Help Maintain Good Mental Health

Kelsey Hamilton, Managing Editor

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of 2022, 37% of students suffer from poor mental health. This includes feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. If you’re struggling to fight against your mental health alone, there are numerous resources to help, including many that can be found on your phone. Here are 3 popular apps that might be the key to increasing your mental health.  



This is the perfect app if you are struggling to develop healthy habits. For any goal that you want to set, Finch will help you while at the same time, making self-care fun and rewarding. Immediately when you open the app you get an inspirational quote to brighten your day. From goal and mood trackers to bullet journaling to breathing exercises, Finch really does have it all. Not only does this app help organize intentions for the day, but it also comes with a bird that acts as your guide and motivator. Starting as a baby chick, it slowly grows up, and you get to raise it and give it its own identity. You can choose from various personalized exercises, and by doing so, you increase your relationship with your bird while taking care of yourself. Something unique about this app is how it blends gameplay and self-care. You can dress your bird in different clothes, customize its room, and send it on adventures. Developing healthy habits can be challenging, but apps like Finch make it easier– and why not add a cute little bird to cheer you on! 


Paint by Number 

This is the perfect app for anyone who is feeling anxious or stressed. While drawing or painting on a physical piece of paper is just as beneficial, Paint by Number is the perfect app if you aren’t as artistically gifted as you would like. There are countless images available to choose from; literally, all you do is tap and create a beautiful picture. It might seem a little tedious to sit there and tap and a screen repeatedly, but sometimes that’s what it takes to relieve stress and anxiety. By hyper-focusing on one thing, it allows the stress and anxiety that you might be feeling to fade away.  


Core Circle 

It’s scientifically proven that exercise leads to better mental health, thanks to the natural chemicals released in your brain while working out. Exercise doesn’t require intense running or an outrageous 24/7 workout plan. While many good helpful exercise apps exist, Core Circle stands out. You start by creating a fitness goal where you can then document your progress one day at a time. When creating your goals, you can choose which specific muscles you want to work on, and then Core Circle provides you with lots of visual exercises to choose from. Like many social media platforms, Core Circle has a For You page. However, unlike those social media platforms, Core Circle’s For You page is filled with loads of inspirational workout posts to get you motivated. We all know that feeling of wanting to lay in bed for the entire day, but it’s vital for your mental health to do something active at least three times a week, and having a supportive community behind you can make all the difference!