Finding the Perfect Balance

Student Athletes Manage Academics and Sports Demands

Ben Oswald, Staff Writer

Balancing school and sports are no easy task, and adding time to hang out with friends and family can be even more challenging. So, how do students at a rigorous high school manage that balance and how can they change their lifestyle to maintain balance? Dr. Rosellini, a counselor at Prep who specializes in working with student-athletes, Liv Gooding ‘23, a committed swimmer to Vanderbilt University, and Matthew McGowan ‘23, an avid soccer player and academically passionate student, shared some advice regarding how to balance these things. 

The first advisable strategy to finding balance in school and extracurriculars is to make to-do lists. To-do lists are often overthought, but they can thoroughly help people get their tasks complete. Gooding shared, “Making a list in my notebook of my to-dos makes it so much easier. Whenever I write them down, I see I have so much less to do than I thought.” McGowan advised when prioritizing work to, “think about what is due first and what is most important.” Getting caught up in stress with a plethora of things to do can often be solved through making to-do lists and realizing what needs to be done that day and what can wait to be completed if there is not enough time. 

Dr. Rosellini touched on what he calls the “bucket analysis.” The bucket analysis is when you analyze your buckets, which can include schoolwork, sports, sleep, social life, and much more. If you see an overload in one of your buckets, such as too much time on homework, you can see how that affects your other buckets, such as the amount of sleep you can get. Gooding shared the idea, “I think it is better to get extra sleep than stay up late studying.” Sometimes, staying up late trying to perfect one’s studying causes more stress than just going to sleep. 

Finally, Dr. Rosellini highly emphasized one’s time spent in nature and said, “A study showed that 20 minutes outside in nature proved people to be happier, have more energy, and overall better off.” Taking your dog out on a quick walk, going for a jog, or bike ride can really boost your mood and energy level. In addition, nutrition can positively impact your energy, by eating healthy foods and staying hydrated. 

Finding a balance between attending a rigorous high school and extracurriculars can be a challenge, but sometimes it is best to take a break or talk to someone for some help. There are people within the Prep community, teachers, and counselors, who are more than happy to help students with their time management. Always reach out because asking for help is never something to regret.