Music Heals: Album Club’s Take on Health and Wellness

Jeffrey Go, Editor-in-Chief

Album Club is a newly founded club this year centered around all things music appreciation. Co-founders Chaz Witter ‘25 and Basil Kounellas ‘25 talked about improving health and wellness musically.

“Any mood I’m in, there’s a genre to listen to. It can help if I’m feeling sad and need some alone time, there’s music if I’m feeling hyped up that can make me even more excited,” said Kounellas.

“There’s very few things that music doesn’t make better,” added Witter. “Not just the music, but everything surrounding it too. I bond with a bunch of new people through the music I like, and through Album Club, I’ve made a ton of new connections.”

Music is more than just singers and instruments. “I do appreciate music in that regard, but I also see it as a reflection of what people and emotions. I feel like there’s always some music that reflects whatever you’re doing,” said Witter. “I love hearing other people’s perspectives and relating it to my own life through the emotions conveyed in the songs.”

Both Kounellas and Witter welcome anyone that’s interested in Album Club. “It’s very open to everyone,” said Kounellas. “You could’ve just started getting into music or be very musical already. We do all types of genres, so if you only into one genre it’s going to get you out of that and get you more variety in your music.”