Optimism, Support Fuel Bowling Team


The bowling team huddles during a recent match.

Georgia Limbaugh, Freelance Writer

With the fall sports wrapping up, the winter sports season begins. This winter brings cold weather, finals, the holidays, and best of all: bowling.

Seven seasons ago, Prep Athletic Director Brian Elsner and Bowling Coach Mike Massoth founded the girls bowling team with the hopes to create a diverse and inclusive community for athletes looking to excel in a different environment. Seven seasons later and the Seattle Prep girls bowling team is thriving. With a winning percentage of over 60%, our girls are anticipating a third district title and fourth trip to state.

Massoth, the head coach of the girls bowling team, was once a bowler himself. He bowled collegiately at Washington State University and helped to get his team an invitational title. Captain Feruz Teamrat ’23 described Massoth as “really sarcastic, funny, and an understanding person who is AMAZING at bowling and coaching.” Captain Annelise Northcott Johnson ’23 expressed that she “can’t think of anyone that could be a better coach.” His optimistic personality has brought the team all the way through the Covid- 19 pandemic and into the clear.

The team practices at West Seattle Bowl nearly every day from the end of October to the beginning of February. Teamrat conveyed relief at the opening of the West Seattle Bridge yet she also mentions that the longer drive that was last year’s commute gave the team more time to connect. She described the bowling community as “super chill, fun, and full of support.” Their practices generally consist of warmups followed by drills to improve technique. When asked about what they do in practices, Massoth said, “We do several fundamentals to improve our game, we have our own doubles league that also acts as a varsity ladder day.” They then move on to games, and according to Massoth, sometimes nachos.

Bowling is an amazing way to practice low impact exercise while also building your muscular strength. It requires less movement than other sports making it a sport that anyone could practice, but few could excel at. Teamrat said that bowling pushed her out of comfort zone, she goes on to mention that she also “got to get to know new people from different grades that I would have not otherwise talked to.”

The Seattle Prep girls bowling team is eager for new faces and they encourage anyone looking for a fun new hobby to email Coach Massoth. If you do join, Teamrat promises to buy the team food on Fridays.