Meet a Freshman: Peyton Remington

Peyton Remington 26

Peyton Remington ’26

Stella Trius, Freelance Writer

“Welcoming, social, inspiring, academically challenging, and put together” are all words freshman Peyton Remington uses to describe Seattle Prep. Although worried about meeting new people, Remington established how seamless it can be to make new friends within the first day. Coming from St. Alphonsus with only 4 others from her school, it was a tough transition however she quickly found that Prep was the right choice.

Going into Prep, she saw new opportunities and was excited, but also nervous. “Coming from a significantly smaller school it was scary, but Prep helped me branch out,” Remington said.  Although going to a much larger school was intimidating, she quickly found ways to be active in Prep’s community.

Remington is a part of sports marketing, she runs cross country and is on the freshmen girls’ basketball team. She joined sports marketing because she wanted to meet new people, learn more about social media and have fun with her friends while producing new ideas. Remington went to day camps for Prep sports like cross country which kickstarted the season. She found joining the cross country and basketball teams to be a great way to get to know what Prep sports are all about.

Remington is a proud Gonzagan who enjoys Collegio; she thinks it’s cool how 3 subjects are incorporated into one and how “it kind of serves as a homeroom in a sense because we have it every day, and I feel like there’s a greater sense of community in Collegio than any other class”.  Although she enjoys Collegio and the diverse lectures, her favorite class is Biology because of the labs, but also because of Ms. Newman: “She makes science fun!”

Although she is involved in a lot of what Prep has to offer, it doesn’t stop there. Remington is also interested in joining Track and Field in the spring and golf next fall. Peyton has a bright future ahead of her and is already thinking about what extracurriculars she wants to join next year and the years ahead!