Choir Concert: Christmas Melodies


The Annual Christmas Concert on December 5th in Healy Theater.

Maya Salazar, Staff Writer

Get ready to take a stroll in a Winter Wonderland with this year’s Choir Christmas Concert. Directed by Prep’s musical director Elliot Weeks, this concert will bring the spirit of Christmas joy and love to Seattle Prep.

The concert takes place on December 5 at 7:00pm, at the Healy Theatre on campus. With wistful songs like Last Christmas by Wham! and classic Christmas carols like Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, audience members will be dazzled by the talent of the singing Panthers representing Prep and holiday cheer.

Rehearsals are in full swing, and as time ticks down to the night of the concert, choir members are hard at work. Performer Felix Martinez, singing a solo for Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, says that rehearsals are “plenty of fun. Mr. Weeks is just an incredibly fun teacher and person to be around, so they are always exciting”.

Elliot Weeks, director of the choir, says that he is “proud of the hard work and dedication our choir members have, and I hope we can get as many students as possible to come out and join us that night!”. Each student has an important role to play in the production of the concert, as it is clear to see when peeking into the music room during rehearsals.

During the concert, soloists will have an opportunity to show off their vocal talents. “Some [solos] are within the choir songs, while others are entire songs sung by one or two choir members”, states Franny Broderson, ’24. These singing Panthers are sure to dazzle the audience and bring to life snow covered Christmas trees and warm family gatherings, as showcased in songs like White Christmas and Wonderful Christmas Time.

The concert aims to bring holiday cheer to the audience, and the concert really embodies the joy and love that comes with Christmas. Christmas cheer and reunited families, the joy of Christmas day and the sacred time of advent are all displayed clearly by the harmonious melodies and voices of each choir member. “I think these songs are good for the concert as it is a good mix of upbeat songs to grab the audience attention and nicer more classic Christmas songs that have pleasant harmonies for a relaxing mood,” said Martinez.

Broderson states she is most excited to perform Peter Wilhousky’s classic Carol of the Bells. “Each section has a really cool part and the harmonies are all so beautiful” says Broderson, “It sounds especially cool when we sing it acapella”. This concert is chock-full of whimsey, cheer, and haunting melodies that bring to life the spirit of Christmas and the wintertime.

Each member of Prep’s choir aims to bring joy and the holiday spirit to the audience. Come to the Healy Theatre on December 5 at 7pm to join in on the holiday cheer!