‘Tis the Season for Holiday Spirit


Kelsey Hamilton, Managing Editor

What makes the holidays feel like…well…the holidays? Is it a particular smell in the air? A specific feeling that is evoked? A highly anticipated tradition? What is it that makes this time of year feel so special?   

For freshman Veronica Cuevas, the holidays are most closely associated with family and all the traditions that come with said family. In Cuevas’s view, the shared experience and warmth accompanying the holidays are unlike any other time of year. A favorite tradition of Cuevas’s is eating a big dinner with her immediate family and a close family friend on Christmas eve/day, followed by opening presents. When asked what the holidays mean to her, Cuevas said, “For me, holiday is the preparation for and the days itself that you have celebrations…it’s really anything that’s important to you personally or your family.”   

Once the holiday season has started, Senior Kat Lord Krause is ready for all the fun that comes with it. Decorating the Christmas tree with her family, accompanied by her dad’s bad Christmas music, always puts Kraus in the holiday spirit. “My dad has this horrible old CD, and he gets out this CD player. It has like five songs on it and we listen to it on repeat,” said Kraus. 

Every year, Kraus and her sister have a gingerbread decorating competition. They each decorate one side of a gingerbread house and see who had the best side – it’s not entirely clear how often Kraus came out victorious.   

Kraus has another unique tradition with her family: they do a snow sport every Christmas Eve, which usually turns out to be skiing. “When we were younger, it started because my parents wanted to tire us out before Santa would come so that we couldn’t stay up late waiting for Santa, but now it’s just something we do,” said Kraus.   

Junior Chaz Witter loves the holidays because of all the snow and skiing. During this time of year, Witter can be seen flipping around, doing tricks, and evidently defying gravity on the slopes of Crystal Mountain. When taking a break from skiing, drinking eggnog, and eating candy canes never fails to put him in the holiday spirit.    

Witter has a fun tradition with his family where every year, they get a picture book copy of The Grinch, and each person reads a page and passes it on. This tradition has been in Witter’s family for as long as he can remember, and the holidays wouldn’t be the same without it. “I think it started when my cousins moved to Tacoma for a bit and grandparents moved to Seattle…It’s my favorite tradition,” said Witter.   

The holidays are associated with various smells, tastes, traditions, and weather. From the scent of a warm sugar cookie vanilla candle to the taste of delicious roasted ham to daylight savings, this is just a small view into what makes the holidays feel unique and festive for each person.