Ignite: Creativity that Sets the World on Fire


Work from last year’s Ignite literary journal. This work is entitled “Mick J.” by Elena Lovejoy.

Keira Munko, Staff Writer

Photography, poetry, film, or paintings- it doesn’t matter the form someone’s art takes, because Ignite accepts it all. Ignite is a literary and visual arts journal that works to foster the development of the whole person by celebrating people’s creative side. It is made up from art submitted by students here at Prep and gives students the opportunity to showcase their creativity. A wide range of the Prep communities’ creative talents are displayed both on Ignite’s website and in the physical publication that is released in spring.  

There is much that goes on behind the scenes of Ignite. It is entirely student led, with Collegio teacher Ms. Dotsey as a moderator. “It’s a delight to help members of the Prep community to enjoy the creativity and skill of so many Panthers!” said Dotsey. 

During window period in second semester, this team of students works together to review all the submissions and chose which ones to publish. Zoe Bocek ’24, an editor-in-chief for Ignite, said “For the most part we aren’t necessarily reviewing whether this art is bad this art is good. It’s more reviewing the effort that was put in, and if it finished or not.”  

It’s hard work for the team running Ignite to go through all the submissions. “Even though we’re doing a lot of work, such as a lot of logistical work, it stays fun,” said Bocek. 

Despite the logistical work of going through the submissions, seeing all the art that is submitted is one of the best parts of Ignite. “That’s probably my favorite part, just seeing all the cool art that we get,” said Bocek.    

In addition to this, there is a great community within Ignite. “I really love the environment.” said Bocek, “Everybody there really likes art, so it’s kind of a cool environment where we can just kind of talk about our opinions and it’s very open with no judgement going on.”  

Ms. Dotsey also feels the close community within Ignite. She described how “the window class itself is small and has a relaxed atmosphere with a real family feeling to it.” 

Everything that the team of students does behind the scenes of Ignite is very important. The work they do allows students creative sides to shine. There is no doubt that Ignite is the creative voice of Prep.